The Dark Arts

How to tell that it has been far to long since last you cleaned your room:

1) Stuff actually sticks to the floor when you try to move it.
2) Your broom has more dust on it than any other place in the room.

Now, the first one was actually true and the second one was a close call. I definitely need to clean more. To my defence, though, I haven’t been home that much over the last month or so. Still, that doesn’t really justify it.

Word of advice: Don’t let it happen to you!

Lightsabers Are Cool

‘So, Kennet, what did you do this saturday?’

‘Well… you know, played a bit computer…’

‘Just a bit?’

‘Weeellll… Maybe more like 8 hours…’

I can’t help it. Knights Of The Old Republic is a very cool game. And there is just no beating running around with two lightsabers, even is it is only in a computergame.

I think that 8 hours is enough for today, though.

It doesn’t work every time

When I designed this weblog I did it in one weekend and maybe it isn’t the best design but at least I did it fairly fast. Now I had these great plans to do the same this weekend and design a clever system to use Movable Type to do an easily updated gallery.
Didn’t happen.
For some reason I just can’t get my stuff together and do anything. Probably because I lack a clear direction, but I did the same when I started the design of my log.

I should probably go watch a movie, go to bed and look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow.


I am sorry about the headline but it is so obvious that I just can’t help myself. I went to see The Incredibles a couple of nights ago. Very good movie. Very predictable but that did not really bother me because everything else was so well made. There were a few glitches and stuff, but that’s not really surprising given that it is the first time that they are doing humans to the scale that they are. They being Pixar in this case.
Also, I thought that the story was actually a bit more grown up than the usual Pixar stuff. This is a good thing for me, but I wonder, since everything else is geared towards a youger audience, if it is equally good for the movie.

Anyways, go see. Very good.

Three Stupid Boxes

I haven’t mentioned this on my blog yet because I have only written two things, none of which really says anything, but I attend The Animation workshop in Viborg.
It is an animation school, in case you were wondering.

We had this assignment today: Draw three rectangels and one line on a piece of paper and get as much tension in the image as possible. This not at all as easy as it sounds. In the end I came up with something our teacher approved, but I don’t really know if that was good or bad. Anyway, now I have a result. Tomorrow I have to find out how I did it…

The Sadness Expelled

An empty weblog, even one as new as mine, just seems wrong; I must write something.

After many hours of hard work I finally managed to tame this beast that is the Movable Type. The thing is that I enjoyed every hour of it (in average; I did not like every minute). Hard work that I enjoyed. The concepts does not seem to belong together, but none the less.

So, if you got here by some strange backroute of the Web that I am not aware: Welcome to my new weblog. At some point in the future when it is officially unveiled, I will start to write more here. Until then, it will be a bit sparse so why not use the time to check out my gallery, the link to which does not currently work and I don’t know why.

I hate it when that stuff happens.

Anyways, welcome, have fun and all that.

- Kennet