The Sadness Expelled

An empty weblog, even one as new as mine, just seems wrong; I must write something.

After many hours of hard work I finally managed to tame this beast that is the Movable Type. The thing is that I enjoyed every hour of it (in average; I did not like every minute). Hard work that I enjoyed. The concepts does not seem to belong together, but none the less.

So, if you got here by some strange backroute of the Web that I am not aware: Welcome to my new weblog. At some point in the future when it is officially unveiled, I will start to write more here. Until then, it will be a bit sparse so why not use the time to check out my gallery, the link to which does not currently work and I don’t know why.

I hate it when that stuff happens.

Anyways, welcome, have fun and all that.

- Kennet