The Chore Of Writing

I have been doing quite a bit recently; seen stuff you would believe only because you are a clever little boy and read stuff you had hitherto hoped would never be written. And I have written none of it down because I am a lazy git.

First up is the haunted NES. Some guy sold a haunted NEs on ebay for quite a lot of money. He actually seemed sincere enough, which doesn’t really justify a selling price of 225 US$. The starting price was only 1 penny, however, so I guess the silly hat ends up on the head of the guy who bought the system.

I have also been playing a lot of Guild Wars this weekend, due to the fact that I have finally aquired a beta key. I really wish that I could have ordered the collectors edition but I wasn’t really in the cards for me. Everything just seemed to aspire to keep me from getting that box that I really wanted.
Most likely my brother will get it though because he ordered it a couple of hours before me (from the same retailer), before I made the fatal mistake of asking if they knew what the box would contain and they found out that they were not sure if they could ship it overseas and desided to play it safe.

The good news is that it is shaping up to be a really nice game.

On A Day Like Today…

…I find myself Ideling.
I know I have only one day before I have to do something that someone lese tells me to do and having so many things that I want to do, I don’t know what to do.

It’s a horrible thing that, hopefully, I will get rid of one day.

I’m growing younger

At least mentally it feels like it. Now I have gotten hooked on a game and it haven’t even been released yet. The culprit is, of cause, Guild Wars and not two days goes by where I don’t check their page for updates or browse through a fan-forum to se if anything interesting is happening. I actually just printed a complete FAQ compilation so I could go home and read some more about it later.
And I already know all I need to know!

I believe all this is caused by the fact that all my friends are playing World of Warcraft, which I don’t want to play, but I do want something similar. Something that I can get good at and spend time with.
This is the time where, if you are not a computergeek, you would say something like “get a girlfriend” or “get a life” to which I can only reply “…”.

Now the only question that remains is: do I preorder from england and play it next weekend and thus set myself up for one or two weeks of waiting when the game is released or do I wait and get it from the local gamestore on the day it arrives?
I think I might have to preorder. Then hopefully I can get some of my cravings satisfied and be able to focus again.

I hate it when stuff like this happens.

On The Matter Of Lightsabers And Other Shining Objects.

Well, one out of two aren’t bad.

I shall be the first to admit that I sometimes have problems when it comes to figuring out when I have played games enough for the day. This is in no small amount true true for games with an interesting storyline, games with lightsabers, games that lures me with the promise of something that I really, really want (a lighesaber), or World of Warcraft. I have been able to live with this so far, though, because I have an impressive ability to nag myself insessively and at some point even I give in. What I resent is when games begins to feel obliged to help nag me, specifically by crashing at inconvinient places leaving me with to little time to do anything new before I have to go to bed anyway.

In the place of WoW I have been playing Knights of the Old Republic 2 and enjoying it quite a bit but, as the above phrase indicates, I feel it is bugged to the extend where I think it should have been delayed a bit before release.

Addendum: Having been lazy and not posting this monday as I was planning to, means that I have another crash to add to the list of Kotor 2 felonies. If I wasn’t such a nice guy I would definitely say something really sarcastic about this instead of the irony I have been using so far.

It’s Like…

I’m not playing World of Warcraft anymore. I don’t have a good reason for this except a, possibly flawed, personal philosophy in the lines of what you don’t know, won’t hurt you.

Imagine something like sex. You want it because you know it is going to be good. Then you get it and to begin with it is nice and exiting and stuff, but it is still possible to stop without using to much restraint. Then as you get more into it, it absorbes you and the outside world fades away together with any kind of rational thoughts about all the stuff you need to do.
The imagine that, right when you are getting to the best part, right before the climax, when all thought about anything else is completely gone you are given the choice: stop now or give us all you money.

That is a World of Warcraft 10 days guestpass. I know which one I would choose and that is why I don’t play WoW anymore.