This gave me a good laugh. It started with a picture of a cat (named Frankie) looking at a flower. Then someone got the bright idea to take a picture of his cat (also called Frankie. Possibly it’s the same cat.) looking at his monitor with the picture of Frankie and the flover.
Then someone else got the idea to take a picture of his cat (called Poozy) looking at the picture of Frankie looking at the picture of Frankie looking at the flower.
907 cats later I found the site…

Also I say him but I really don’t know. I could have been her cat.Who knows (except the person taking the picture, naturally).

We Are Experiencing A Slight Delay

The cool thing about this movable type is that you can delay your posts. This, for instance, was written just after the last post :) So this post probably feels a bit like cheating, but as long as I don’t have anything better to do I can write another post and save and that way give the impression that I am really responsible and posts at a regular interval every time.
Hell, i can even give the impression that i can get up in the mornings :D

Anyway, that’s just so that you know :D

Guild Wast And Spelleign.

I have no way of hiding it anymore: I have become a Guild Wars fanboy. I have also become a spelling idiot, but that is another matter.

I haven’t updated so much in the last couple of weeks for lots of reasons, but the primary one is that I have spend a lot of net-time with my new guild. Boasting the proud name of The Council Of Ages* we have around 10 members now. That’s not a lot compared to the big american ones, but I think it is kinda cool for a danish guild. We have a forum and everything :)

Also doing storyboard these two weeks. It’s very interesting but I can’t seem to get my act together long enough to actually do some work. It might have something to do with the 6+ hour lectures every day, but it might as well be Guild Wars.

* Which also very much adheers to the standard fantasy “Cool Name” philosophy but who cares?

And A Grand Welcome

I have also just made a link on the frontpage of my site. I guess that means that I am officially open for business. That means I need a warm welcome to all those stopping by:


Come back another time and follow the musings of a guy who lack a clear goal :) Also stop by my gallery. I updated it only 7 months ago… (and please don’t use the link at the top of the page because I have just fucked up something on my page. Again :)

The Trials Of A Wannabe Webdesigner

I love fiddeling with all sorts of graphics, mainly when I can do it without thinking to much about why I am doing it and when I don’t worry about being unoriginal.
In other words: I had a really good time doing some design for the homepage of the Guild my brother is trying to get off the ground.
Go Have A Look.

I still need to cut it up and actually make a page, but that’s another story.


Turns out my last headline is more correct that I had feared. True, some of the reason is that I just do not have that much time. That excuse is getting more and more inadequate, however.

The real reason is that I just cannot figure out why the hell I should write anything. I think i started so people had a place where they could go and read about me. A kind of “I want to be popular” thing. But that is a “wrong” kind of reason, I think. Besides, I don’t know how to read my statistics so I don’t even know if anyone reads this. I suspect that they do not.

The other reason would be to have something to go back to in a couple of years/centuries and se how I have changed. The only problem here is that right now, I do not really care about that.
Sometimes I do sit down and look over really old things for the nostalgia of is. Recently I looked over my old CD-inserts (that I packed away when I moved to Viborg) which was kind of fun. But I don’t need to do those things. It’s fun to do if you have nothing else to do, but…
I rather suspect that that will change as I get older, but as it is now I find it hard to find the will to sit down and jot down a few words. Because, really, I should be exited to do it, shouldn’t I?