I Don’t Remember What This Post Is About

I know the reason why this week started out so much worse than the last, is mainy due to my own inability to do what I know I need to do.

Last week was nice. The weather was just the way I wanted: not to hot, mostly cloudy with a mild breeze and a slight drizzle from time to time; school was easy to get through; GW was going for me and best of all: a nice girl was talking to me a lot (or, at least, I was talking to her a lot).
Now, the weather hasn’t really gotten that much better, but saturday was nice enough to remind me of what is to come soon, and I did not like it. School is boring (clean up). The way things are going I am without a home from next week and I didn’t call the guy at the government about it. He would probably have told me that there was nothing he could do, but had I called, at least I would have been sure that that was what he would say. My contact person here at the workshop did say that he would beinformed as soon as there was something to be informed about, but still… Guild Wars was also a dissapointment today. Mostly because i had just found this nice combination of skills that I really wanted to try out but when I had finally gathered all the skills needed (at the expence of several skill points) I found out that the povotal skill had been changes, so the combination wasn’t nearly as cool anymore. And I got spanked at PvP.
Also I was about to say that the girl hadn’t replied to my message yet, but she just did, so at least she hasnt started to avoid me yet. I guess that means that my only real problem is that if I’m lucky I get to move duiring the week of our exam. If im unlucky I have to move the week that I am in hungary.

All in all I guess things could be worse. Someone could run me over with a car, for instance.