Why Go To Hell Before You Die?

Did an underworld run in GW today. Got as far as last time (around 1½-2 hours in) before two guys crashed. Fun, but not very rewarding.
We are beginning to wonder just what the point of doing UW in stead of The Fissure of Woe. Drops are worse and XP is not really needed.
Anyways, It’s late (as you can tell by my lack of whatevers… I don’t write I and The and stuff. And I use ()’s more) and the movie I’m waiting to download is finished…

Penny Arcade

Found this today. It doesn’t fit me, but I hope to god it fits a lot of other people, otherwise I fear for the state of our world.

And that’s probably a very insulting statement, which makes me wonder weather it really does fit me also. But not really.

A Mind Most Empty

As will be apparent at the end of this post, I don’t have a lot of things on my mind that I can be bothered writing about. So this post will be mostly about nothing (or the perception thereof) and a little bit about guildwars.

As you can probably guess the above sentence was actually the last to be finished in this post. The ramifications of this mighe not be immediately apparent. What it means, though, is that, like the fact that I had to look up “immediately”, whatever is written, you can never be sure that it has, in any way, anything to do with the actual author. Hell, I might not ever have written this. It might have been some malicious hacker, making fun of you.
I’m telling you that it is not. IT is, in fact, me, Kennet, who is writing but you only have my word for it. Or, at least, you think you dobut how can you know?

I have a problem now in that I haven’t really said anything I can sum up in my initial sentence, which, in turn, negates my next comment about you bieng able to tell that I have writing it last, bacause there isn’t anything in it to give it away. So, to work around my pedicament I’m going to talk about Guild Wars.

We got our Guild Hall today. YAY. That was fun.

Well, I said it was only a little bit GW, didn’t I? Or should that be, I’m going to say?

Hull Breach!

The moment I have been dreading finally happened: the sanctity of my home was breached. By a bee.
And with that I have to face the fact that summer is irrefutably here, whith everything that entails: to much heat and way to many insects.

I also had a lot of other fancy things I wanted to say, but I can’t remember them right now.

Internet While I Sleep

I have never had Internet in my bed before, but I do now and it is a very welcome bonus to moving into my new room. I haven’t unpacked any of my stuff yet because I haven’t desided upon the final layout yet.

And also because of the exam week.

Ignasio tells me I did fine and I am in no mood to argue. I’m just really happy that I finished something in time. I am kinda pround that I cut some small things that needed to be cut, but that I had nevertheless had spend a long time doing. Other than that I think that my animation was adequete but nothing special.
I guess I could put the animation up, but I’m to lazy to be bothered ;)

I have pratically no reception on my tv after I moved. And I can’t se any way to do anything about it so I guess I’ll have to begin getting used to not have any television.
That will probably be the biggest change for me.
It is not that i saw that much tv, really. I watched The West Wing and Angel regularly, but thats all. It is just the whole ritual of jumping into bed and turning on for 10 min. just to se whats on.

Of course, now I can just download it in stead, but it’s not the same. It’s the casualness of it all. Or something.

Also, I completed the main storyline of Guild Wars today. Now the real challenge begins: can I keep interest without a clear focus? Right after I finished, I had that “Now What?” moment which doesn’t bode well for the future.
I do want to try to play a monk though. And a ranger. And get that 15k armor…


Don’t really have much to say. Exam week is well underway. I’m not doing it as fast as i ought, but I’m comfident I will finish something in time.
I’m not saying it will be pretty, but it will be finished.

Saw Sin City yesterday. Comic Book violence with a very cool graphic style and not much else. Like the comic book, really :)
But seriously, it’s a pretty good movie but the lack of an overall plot makes you loose interest a bit and the constant hardboiled voice over gets tireing.

In The End.

At this very moment I a sitting in a completely (except for a single lamp) empty room, on the floor writing in my new appartment!

There is really not much more to say. I got the contract signed, the keys in my hand and the initial payment done today, even though it vas very much beginning to look like an impossible dream.
And I was lucky. I don’t know the fates of all the other guys who were in the same situation as me, but I do know that at least one ended up without any place to live…

I am not going to complaint more about it now (although I’m getting pretty good at it), because I am just so happy to actually have a place. Later, though, I will tell you about the view.

Of Things Most Annoying.

The prize of ‘number one most annoying thing this year’ goes to: holding the key to my new appartment in my hand for the first time, three days before I have to move out of my old, and find out thet it’s, in fact, not the key to my appartment but some other key that I can’t use for anything.
Then being told that it shouldn’t be a problem to get the real key, a couple of hours tops.
But at the end of the day there is still no key and then my go-to guy in the matter, you know, the guy who said that it wouldn’t be a problem, tells me that he is going to france tomorrow. For a week!


I have to talk to some people tomorrow and if I’m not looking at an unfamiliar ceiling when I go to bed I am going to kill someone. Or at least pout a whole lot.