Internet While I Sleep

I have never had Internet in my bed before, but I do now and it is a very welcome bonus to moving into my new room. I haven’t unpacked any of my stuff yet because I haven’t desided upon the final layout yet.

And also because of the exam week.

Ignasio tells me I did fine and I am in no mood to argue. I’m just really happy that I finished something in time. I am kinda pround that I cut some small things that needed to be cut, but that I had nevertheless had spend a long time doing. Other than that I think that my animation was adequete but nothing special.
I guess I could put the animation up, but I’m to lazy to be bothered ;)

I have pratically no reception on my tv after I moved. And I can’t se any way to do anything about it so I guess I’ll have to begin getting used to not have any television.
That will probably be the biggest change for me.
It is not that i saw that much tv, really. I watched The West Wing and Angel regularly, but thats all. It is just the whole ritual of jumping into bed and turning on for 10 min. just to se whats on.

Of course, now I can just download it in stead, but it’s not the same. It’s the casualness of it all. Or something.

Also, I completed the main storyline of Guild Wars today. Now the real challenge begins: can I keep interest without a clear focus? Right after I finished, I had that “Now What?” moment which doesn’t bode well for the future.
I do want to try to play a monk though. And a ranger. And get that 15k armor…