What I Did At Home Today

Hiding in my room from a sun that is way to warm and watching a lot more Naruto than is good for me. That is the quick way of describing what I have been doing today. The slow way would involve adding me eating a bowl of yogurt and brushing my teeth. And sleeping.

I’m not going to mention the girl I have been hanging out with (I know who she is but you don’t have to), except to say that my vacation so far have been a lot more enjoyable because of her. And don’t start thinking anything sticky…

I’m also seriously considering doing a Battle fleet Gothic mod for Nexus. The fact that I haven’t already started, is the interesting part. Usually I throw myself at anything interesting I come across, work at learning the basics for a couple of days, do some work and stop when I’m nowhere near finished. I guess this has happened so many times now that I have begun to wonder if it isn’t a waste of time. If I would just do something that is relevant to my future work, like animating, In stead of learning all these useless skills, like being able to program a bit for the GBA, maybe I would actually get a job when I finish KAU. Which leads us to the fact that I haven’t started the Nexus mod yet. And the fact that I watch so much Naruto. I think the point here was to show my personal growth in realising that I shouldn’t be wasting my time; not telling you that I am, in fact, still not doing anything useful.

Also Guild Wars is getting a bit boring. I have run out of things that I really want to do, so I guess that is not really surprising. Or maybe it’s because I have been playing it for almost 3 months straight now. I am not giving up completely though, and I am definitely coming back for the 2nd chapter. It is just so far into the future…!

Webcomics Late At Night

When it’s late and you are tired and about to go to bed, but don’t want to for no reason whatsoever, Machall is a real good laugh.
Unfortunately, their servers are crappy as hell so I don’t have any excuses any more. Goodnight.

The State Of Some Things

I surfed past gamespot just now, and at the bottom of the page I found something that soft of depressed me.
Of the seven games they had listed on their “Top Games” list, only one didn’t have a 2 or a 3 or a 4 in the title. And that game was the new Zelda, which, God knows, isn’t exactely a new concept either.
I’m not one to go for originality above all else. I’m really looking forward to the new Zelda game. But this is just to much.
I’m silently beginning to dread the day when there will be no more new concepts, and all we can play is GTA: New London or Metal Gear Solid 50