Things Big And Small

I have been told that a message should have just that, and that that message should be clear before you begin writing. In this case that is to much work and I can’t be bothered. We’ll se where it goes.

I have begun to listen to Evanescence and Linking Park more since she came back. That’s not really constructive but I don’t know what else to do. Being graceful about doesn’t work for me and I can’t ignore it. Having her so close and still not here just doesn’t work in my mind.
I even wrote a poem about it. Well, not so much ‘wrote’ as ‘thought about’, but the words were all there. It was also more of a lament in the strictest sense of the word.
Maybe at some point I will get over this. I fear it will not be anytime soon, however I can always hope. Not that hoping and praying have gotte me much in the past. Most likely I will have to do something. I just don’t know what.

Trip to France was good. So many people to draw! If there were one thing I would change about Viborg (apart from the fact that we have no decent comicbook store) it is to add more places with more people standing and sitting around. I would have liked to draw more in France but it also felt wrong to drive 1200 km just to draw people. So we visited ‘sights’ instead. Oh, and Disneyland.
I also found Sky Doll Limited Edition something, with the first two volumes and a pin-up collection. Best drawn comicbook I have seen in a long while. To bad I don’t speak a word french. I did manage to find a translation of the 1st volume on emule and it seems an interesting story.

Got the Firefly DVD collection. Still a god show but I see a lot more grain than I like. And I don’t like the menues. Those are minor grievances though because the DVD’s were cheap and the show is entertaning. I like the mix of Sci-fi and Western and it works well for the most part. For some it might be to much of a contradiction but I have always been good at suspending disbelief so I just gobble that shit up. I am so looking forwars to Serenity.
I also want to buy Dead Like Me, but I don’t have as much money as I used to so we’ll have to se about that.