Exclusive Preview!

Today I am proud to bring you an Exclusive Preview of my new comic that will be premiering officially very soon on this site.

Another way to put it would be to say that I am to lazy to make a dedicated page for the comic right now, but I feel kinda silly just having it lying around on my HD.
It’s not really a webcomic when it isn’t online…

So without further ado: Enjoy!

Uh Oh! It’s On The Internet

And maybe it shouldn’t have. I feel like I should use this place to write about my thoughts and feelings about stuff that is going on, but I’m not up to date enough to discuss Happenings which leaves stuff that is happening in my life.

Problem is, some og those people I want to write about might read this. And we can’t have that…

Not because I say bad things or anything (honest!). I just like to keep some sort of control over what I tell who, and that is not really possible like this.

Which leaves this space to tell jokes and other funny stuff…

So, have you heard the one about the Astronaut and Mickey Mouse? Well, the astronaut landed his spaceship in Mickey’s garden and asked if Mickey had seen Pluto somewhere around here…

More On “Teh Webcomixor”

I have more that halfway finished the second comic now. What is missing is all the difficult stuff. “But where is the first comic?” I can hear you scream in frustration, and all I can say to that is “Right here on my harddrive.” It is coming, but not until I have at least had a chance to look at MT and se if it is a possibility to use it for an automated comic-page.

The nintendo revolution looks interesting. I have no idea if it will be succesfull or any good, but it does have potential. If it has a Zelda game, i’m probably in.
Also, link found at Penny Arcade and now brought to you by me: a very interesting article on Lost Garden about Nintendo’s Genre Innovation Strategy: Thoughts on the Revolution’s new controller.

Fucking Up. Again.

Thinking about it the gallery is probably fine. The machine I’m using is missing flash, which is rather important for a site using flash.

Maybe I should redesign my gallery to not use flash…

The Way To Go And The Way Not To Go.

See, what I do when I decide to have a computer-free day and watch anime instead is, I go over to the school, sit down in front of my computer (to check my mail, now that I am here), boot up guild wars and play for a couple of hours.

If anyone can se the flaw in that logic, don’t bother mailing me. I already know.

I should also mention that I might get booted out of my (new) appartment. Soon.
Yes, I am talking about the previously mentioned appartment, that I had so much trouble getting.
I am not going to go into details about why, because nobody really seems to know what the hell is going on, and I have been telling that story enough already. Short version is that everything sucks, basically.

Webcomic will be up. Just not today.

Almost Done

So, assuming that I actually do any work on my strip tomorrow, I should be able to finish it by then. Next to figure out how to present it to the public…

Also it sucks a bit when the hottest girl on the school gets scored by someone who I basically think is a twat. God, I hope nobody reads this.

Paradise In A Room

I’m leaning back into the soft embrace of my new couch with a bar of chocolate in my hand. There is cold juice within arms reach and Frou Frou is blasting their version of Holding Out For A Hero through my headphones. All this while staring at a progressbar that is very slowly ticking bits on to my harddrive. Does it get any better than this?

PS. the track just changed to Counting Crows with Accidentally In Love which doesn’t really prove anything. But you could take it as a challenge to find out which CD I’m listening to. It’s not that hard.


I got my school computer up and running today! YAY! And I’m the only one who can go to the internet because our IT guy had some problems with the license for our firewall, so only x amount of people can get online at any one time. And today it was me! Hurray!