I had the opportunity to get a look at the new X-Box 360 this saturday and I have to say that I am spectacularly unimpressed. It was Call of Duty 2 and it looked exactely like a semi-old PC game. Granted I only had time to glance at it quickly so maybe there is some visual fluff I missed, but so far I’m unimpressed. I’m going to go have a better look at some point, though, and I will get back to the subject by then.


I am a guy. I can’t hide it, even after I grew my hair longer. So why is it that, when I hear that Dimension Films are making a movie version of Dead Or Alive, a game which is basically scarcely clad ladies fighting it out in beautiful surroundings, it sends a shudder down my spine.
Is is because I have seen the just released Teaser?

Actually, it isn’t, but OMG that trailer looks pants! It looks so bad, in fact, that I am going to watch it again just to make sure it is really as bad as I first thought.

Pink Fluffy Dinosaurs

Sometimes I just get this urge to see some words written down. Todays winners are Pink, Fluffy and Dinosaurs. Congratulations.


Word of the Day for Wednesday November 23, 2005

crepuscular krih-PUS-kyuh-luhr, adjective:
1. Of, pertaining to, or resembling twilight; dim.
2. (Zoology) Appearing or active at twilight.


The new comic is up.

I feel that I should tell the story as to no cause confusion and misunderstandings.
The original idea is back from the time when me and Sten ere moving into the new HK college. We were being kicked out of our old buildings and were promised that we would be able to move into this new college that They were building. They, being some unnameable superior entities, who shal henceforth be known as They. Or Them.
Anyway, time went by and the date where we had to be out were getting closer and closer. Then, three days before our building had to be empty, we finally get the word that we have new rooms and we can come get the key the next day. Only problem: They had given us a single room to share.
That was luckily fixed fairly quickly, but the incident, and I’m calling it an incident with onlly the slightest bit of hesitation, spawned the idea for this comic.

Now fast forward to tree weeks ago where I moved out of the HK college and into a new appartment with Henric and Maahir, and you can see that the comic might be misunderstood to be a comment on that. It isn’t. At least, probably not.

Ping Pong

Ok, so I just wanted to se I this pinging of pages to list my blog, Is as easy as just checking the checkbox. It probably isn’t.