The Day Before

I wanted to call it “The Day After” and continue my lamenting from the previous post, but I have come to the point where my mental blocks have kicked in and basically numbed me. Not the best mood for christmas but we can’t win every year.

I have also been playing a lof of WoW with a friend these last few days which has been really nice. If she continues to play, I might just have to buy the game.

Guildwars have also started their christmas celebrations. There is no christmas hat yet, bu I hope they will arrive. I already have a gingerbread shield and a gingerbread focus and am collecting for a candy-cane sword. I sorta wish it wasn’t actually christmas tomorrow so i could collect and try more stuff… But only sort of.

smiley.gif Merry Christmas! smiley.gif

The Days You Wish Weren’t

Looking over my old posts It seems I have had some heart-ache over her before, which is true, I had just forgotten about it.

The last couple of months had been really good. I thought I had gotten to a point where I was good. I could live with the fact that she liked me, but she didnt like me that much. I even thought I could live with the fact that she were hanging out with a lot of other guys.

Not so.

I really should break of relations completely and give myself some time to get my mind straight. I know I should. It’s just, she is the only one who can make me really happy. I mean, happy all the way through and not just the 5 minutes of ramdom laughter. Unfortunately she is also the cause of almost all my grief. The question remains if the tradeoff is worth it and if not, can I find some way of making my own happiness…

I really feel like I shouldn’t write this stuff here, but unfortunately, she was also my best friend and the one I would talk to about stuff like this… You see my dilemma. There is also so much more to it than that, that I ought to and want to write about. This will have to do for now, though, as there is a difference between getting out the worst of it and spilling every gut-wrenching little thought that is racing through my mind. People i know might read this.
I wonder what would be worst. Them reading this and telling me or them reading this and not telling me.

John Spencer

… is, I hate to say, dead. Read about here.

Usually when some randon american actor dies, I can sortof ignore it because they don’t really mean that much to me. No so this time. I am a big fan of The West Wing and he played an important character in it. And he did a damn fine job of it. He will be missed.

I wish I had the skills to write something really elegant here but I haven’t. So… Rest in Peace John Spencer.

I Hate Patches

In MMORPGs where you have to wait forever for it to download. I just wanted to play a bit on my 15 day EVE trial and now I have to wait for 64282 KB to download at snail speed.

Everyone should embrace Guildwars‘ streaming updates. On a fast connection I can download a 64 KB GW client and start playing instantaneously with almost no waiting for downloads. No shitting. It is a brilliant system.

And the I had to download it again because it failed verification. Sucky.

I’m In The Know

That is, I have the inside scoop on the Serenity DVD, that isn’t supposed to be released until the 20th of December. That’s right. It is right here next to me.

Actually it is back in my appartment. But had I known I would write this i would have brought it with me.

Anyway, The Review:

The thing I disliked the most with this release was the box. It is one of those annoying ones where it has two clamps that you have to flip open before you can open the actual box. The artwork itself is nice enough, but a bit to shiny for my tastes.

Audio and image quality are up to scratch. The audio in particular was very nice in places with some cool sourround work that really made the world more immensive.

The movie itself is pretty awesome. Now, I never disliked (hated) Buffy and Angel as much as many. In fact I rather liked them. And I absolutely love Firefly. So you might say that I am biased, but whatever else you might say about Joss Whedon you have got to give him one thing: He sure as hell has the guts to do some things you do not expect. I mean, when was the last time someone killed of perfectly fine main character, who still had a lot of stories that could be told about them? Who didn’t come back to life in the next movie?
And in case you were wondering, no, I have not done any research on the above statement.

Extra features: Not jam-packed, but all seem fairly interesting. Specifically the introduction to the original pre-launch screening by Whedon is quite fun to listen to.

Verdict: Very Buyable

The Long Wait

Or the long “being away from the internet for one day”. I don’t really know what is worse: that I have been away for only one day but it still feels like an entire week, or that… No wait. That is the only thing that is wrong.

The title is liftet from an episode of Robotech that I wanted to discuss and also used as a reference to the fact that I haven’t played computer for a long while and finally sat down to play some more Shadow Hearts: Covenant last friday, and it was good. I wanted to discuss that as well, but I think I will go home and play instead.

I’m So Popular!

I recently got a mail from my old friend Joe. It reads:

My old friend,

Just recently I came across a program that allowed me to get greatTerm lifeInsurance at greatRates.

Not only that it took minutes and I was on the program nearly immediately.

You can see what you think for yourself.

Your friend,

I really love when my old friends write to me. Even more so, when it is friends that are so old that I can’t even seem to remember them that well anymore. Granted, I am getting pretty old (which is why Joe felt like i should know about this greatProgram that allows me to get greatGreat lifeInsurarnce at greatRates, I’m sure) and I can’t be expected to remember all my very, very old friends.

Thanks Joe!

PS. for all those of you who want good friends like Joe, feel free to write him at his e-mail. It’s