Just A Game…?

With the imminent release of Guild Wars Factions, I have begun playing a bit of Guild Wars again. This will probably be even more true next weekend, if the rumored delay of the Collectors Edition isn’t true…

PS. That link if for the new comic! Yes, it has finally arrived.

Also A New Comic…

…is in the works. I mean, I sort of have to. If people find my site and find out I only made four, they might think that I am lazy. And what a unfortunate misconception that would be.

Blogging Makes The World A Better Place.

Except mine doesn’t. See, according to this article you have to

…pick your topics carefully and have a purpose. ”The most interesting blogs are focused and have a certain attitude,” says van Allen. ”You need to have a guiding philosophy that you stick to. You cannot one minute pontificate on large issues of the world and the next minute be like, ‘My dog died.’ “

This, my two regular readers* will know, is not the “guiding philosophy” of my blog. Granted, I have not yet “pontificate on large issues of the world”, but this is a shortcomming I will correct now. I have named this thesis:

The Problem With Rising Apathy In The Global Community.

More and more people don’t really care about anything. This is a problem because then nothing will ever get done and then everyone will die. Or be controlled by someone who really want to control things, which is just as bad.

Therefore I propose that we all start caring about something. Like the letter Q. More people should care about the letter Q.

* this number is made up. I only have one.


The big plan has so far failed to wield the desired results. Granted, the only thing I have become really good at so far is sleeping, and I haven’t really found an audience for it yet. I haven’t given up yet.

Auto Assault was ultimately not for me. It is an interesting idea and a well done game at that. I just didn’t like the way the car felt like it was trying to be a car and a guy running at the same time.
Also I lacked feedback on what the hell I was shooting at, or if I was shooting at all.

The copenhagen trip was okay, but really, I just cannot make myself care enough to write anything more about it right now.

Blood + 20 =

So what does it equal? Well, it equals spoilers, so advert your eyes if you care.

It also means another episode with a fight that Saya only survives because her enemies descides not to kill her. There has been quite alot of those recently, I feel, and it is ever so slightly getting on my nerves.
I mean, I can usually take some fights of this nature, because it makes it that much more satisfying when Saya then beats everyone up in the end. If there are to many of them however, it just takes away from the final showdown either by making it seem unrealistic that she can suddenly beat all these enemies, or ever worse by forcing the writers to resolve the story by, shudder, luck.
I really hate it when the hero wins by walking up to the bad guy and bieng lucky at them. It’s just to easy.