Summertime… ?

Impecable timing as always. The smell has Returned (and justifying the capital R), but the actual sun has disapeared. But the comic is done and therefore it’s up.

The comic is of course nothing more that an excuse for drawing girls with big breasts, but I’m perfectly fine with that. I almost put it up without inking it. I liked some of the pencil drawings, and it would be a lot easier. Then I remembered that inking meant going over the girls again.
Colour is out. It takes to long and after the last one, I’m not convinced it’s worth the time. A friend of mine (in danish) told me to just my comic like Randall Munroe from xkcd. I probably won’t go that far, but it’s not a bad idea. Pure idea.

Lessons In Irony – Part 2

So, for a long time I have wanted some way of downloading the movie trailers from apples trailer site. It was there, once, but not anymore.
For another long time, but not as long af the previously mentioned long time, I have done all sorts of backward hacks to get the trailers to the harddrive.

Today I wanted to watch the “Who Killed The Electric Car” Trailer on my newly installed laptop, and as I press the button a menu pops up asking me if I want to save it to harddrive or just watch.

And I have no Idea what program is doing it. It is slightly mystifient, but for now I will just enjoy before I begin being paranoid again.

Lessons In Irony

Being, of course, that within minutes of writing the last post I began sketching the next one. This does not make my statement invalid. New comics will be something that happens on a “if it happens, it happens” basis.

Status Of The Comic

From what I can tell from my schedule, I will not have any time for working on a new comic for the forseeable future. I write this now so I have something to take to court, when the day comes.

Something Fishy

New Comic Up.

In the usual way of my comics, the timing of this one is way off. It is true that we had a horrible smell that was lingering around our computer-room, but it is mostly gone now. In my defense it was really, really awful.

The colours are bad and the linework is dodgy. I tried doing the lines with ink, but I still need a lot of practice. Oh, yes. The joke is also not very good.


Hah! The Danish Crown-princess is going to visit the barrack area where my school is located next wednesday. I don’t know if I should just not care or if I should be slightly interested.

CE In Tha House

And It has actually been here for little over a week now. Had I written this back then, it would have been close to an inside scoop.

Guild Wars Factions: Collectors Edition Review:

The Box: Similar to the first on, only white. Ok

The Calender: A CD case with some cardbord inlays. Not very inspiring.

The Poster: Standard paper folded, comes with magazines kinda poster. It has the map on the backside (or frontside, in my case) which you can’t really use to navigate, but at least you can hang it on the wall if you are afraid that people don’t think you are enough of a geek already.

The Mousepad: Very glittery (in the tacky way) but otherwise decent. And it sticks to the desk.

The Soundtrack:
Haven’t listened to the CD yet, but from what I can tell ingame it’s good. Comes in a cardbord slipcase, which isn’t.

The In-Game Dance: Is unfortunately just the classes standart dance, with two spirit backup dancers who follow your moves. I don’t like it.

The Sticker: Meh

The Collectable Game Activation Card: Meh*2

The Unique Ritualist Cloth Picture: I was really hoping for one of those really nice big wall-scrolls you can buy (one can always dream), but this is just ridiculous. It’s barely the size on a CD case with the already well known render of a female ritualist.

The Artbook: Saving the best for last, or at least late, this is everything I had hoped for, bar the format. Unlike the first book, it’s done in “landscape” format so the two books won’t match up on the shelf. Other than that the artwork and quality is excelent.

The Game: of course. But this review I will save for another day.

The Minipet: A Kuunavang dragon. It’s not really in the CE, but is a special gift from arenanet to the CE owners because of all the trouble with CE availability the first couple of days/week. It’s brilliant and I won’t sell mine for all the gold I could carry.

All in all worth the wait, mainly because of the Artbook and the Minipet. If you don’t care for either Artbook or Soundtrack it a harder sell, but you could probably sell the Kuunavang for a fair deal of ingame gold so that’s worth getting aswell. Providing that there are any CE’s left to buy…