Kennet Haunstrup: Ace Attorney

In only a few day my willpower was slowly ground into small quivering pieces until I finally broke and bought myself a DS Lite and a couple of games.
Broke, in this case, can then also describe my financial situation.

Not to misunderstand though. It’s a very nice machine and I am glad I got one. The screens in particular are so nice and clear that they in them selves justify the new version. If, like me, all you had before is a standard GBA, the difference is close to divine.

My favourite of the two games I bought is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. A adventure-puzzle-courtroom drama game with an excellent cast of colourful* characters.
My only problem is probably brought about by watching to many Americans on TV go “innocent until proven guilty” and “beyond reasonable doubt”. In this game it seems that once you are on the stand it is “guilty until proven beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever to be innocent, honest” and that irks me a little bit.
But the feeling of slowly picking apart the real murderers statement is awesome. Highly recommended.

* Here in the metaphorical sence, but did I mention the screens?

Tuesday means Webcomicday

At least. Today is does. I would have done this yesterday, but we have exams this week so I forgot.

I don’t really like the artwork in this one (big surprise) but the point is to get it done, not to make it pretty. And since it’s done, it’s up.

I have also gone away from the old system where I use the name of the comic as the headline. I thought that would make it easier to find the post that goes with each comic, but who am I kidding? Nobody (except you) reads this stuff anyway. And I liked this title. Titles FTW!

Monster House: A Review

Yes, I have seen it. Also, slight spoiler warning.

Lets start in my area. The animation was motion capture and looked mostly like motion capture. I still believe that it works in many cases, but somtimes it just look horrible. Same with this movie. There was a basketball that especially bad. I mean, really bad.

Characters were ok. There were one or two moments where the humor was just so brilliant because it felt exactely right for the character saying it. I also liked the girl alot. “Are you guys mentally challenged? If you are I’m certified to teach you baseball” is just funny. The pair of policemen were also quite funny. Most of the time though, the characters were just adaquate.

Story was also desent. The later part is not to strong, story wise, but the twist is mildly surprising.

The star of the show was the House though. It is really well thought out and animated. I really like the way it comes alive and stuff in the end. Good stuff. Inside of it was not as good as the outside though.

All in all, I was enjoing myself enough to want to watch it again, given the opportunity. There are some funny scenes and some scary ones for younger audiences.
And I was among the first couple of hundred people in the world to see it. That kinda neat.

Wow I almost sounded all professional and stuff.

I will refrain from giving a score. Not because I am afraid of having an oppinion, but because I am afraid someone will hold it against me later on.
I have seen to many american police shows.

Back In The Cold… Hey!

So after a week of scorching heat in Annecy, we get back to Denmark only to find that it is even warmer here. Bummer.

But the trip was very nice. Beautiful location, good food and free movies. Renaissance and Wallace and Grommit came of as the two most interesting films for me, but the advance screening of Monster House was also surprisingly good.

Also I updated the gallery with some sketches from down there. So many girls, so little paper…

Asterix And The Vikings: A Review

My mother always said that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Well, actually she didn’t but I am sure that she meant to.
Anyway, It had a very impressive budget for a Danish movie…

Bright Lights

I’m putting up the new comic today, because I will be in france next week and not be able to get online. I’ll probably survive.

I tried doing black shading and it turned out… not very good. I felt like I needed it for the joke in the last frame, but it just looked wierd alone so I had to add some black to the other panels aswell. Not surprisingly the next comic will not have black. I know this because it has already been made! I have actually been active and made 3 new comics in the last two weeks. You have now seen 2. 3rd one will be published in a couple of weeks.