This ICQ quote made me laugh quite hard:

TheWickerMan: Please learn to read.

TheWickerMan: Before you call anyone else a moron.

RobotG: im not a moren

RobotG: mrono

RobotG: mrone

RobotG: monor

RobotG: mrnor

RobotG: wops

TheWickerMan: swing and a miss.

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To Wii or Not To…

Ok, It’s probbly been done already, so sorry.

Quick summery of my thoughts on the Wii release: Price of conesole is to high. Not badly, but still. I think I would rather play Zelda on my GC anyway, so there isn’t really any must have launch titles. Download of SNES et. al. games is very interesting but also way to expensive. I had also forgotten the rumors of a region free Wii, but now that they are disproven I am even more dissapointed.
All in all, I don’t know if I’ll buy it. Then again, it’s nintendo and I still get a tingly feeling in my stomache when I pick up my DS, so maybe I will. Or maybe I’ll wait for the Wii Lite.


They do give you the chance to watch TV all day and still get a lot of stuff done.
For instance, I had time to look for my rechargable batteries (still missing), my GBA games (found. Those buggers get lost so easy), put up some books that I hadn’t unpacked yet, do the dishes and brush my teeth.

Flawless Victory

Funny thing: when Sub-Zero fires his freezing attack everyone it hits are frozen solid except, of course, if they are fast and put up their arms to defend against it…

Also, Lily Allen is quite cool. There was a short while when I thought I had found something cool that no one else knew about, but alas. No such luck.