A Nagging Feeling…

… that I have a tendency to jump right into the middle of a train of thought and just start writing from there without any regard to the poor reader (that would be you) who have no idea what I am going on about, then follow that up by not really explaining anything what so ever and then end it right before I actually get to any kind of conclusion.

If I am right, I apologize. If I am wrong, please ignore what I have just said.

Template Hell

I had the problem with The Setup Machine and now I have it again with Movable Type that I use to power this site. Using fully ready-made solutions to problems can be a great way to start out or solve a problem you have no way of solving on your own, but they can be a real hassle if you want to change anything to something more what you had in mind.
Like, where the hell do you change the width of this page?! I did it once but now I can’t figure out how I did it…

Production Diary – Entry 1

So because I have nothing better to psot here, I am going to put up a prodution diary for my bachelor project.

I did the model. No real issues there except the design got changed a bit while I was modeling it, which can get a bit annoying but no big problem. The mesh in the face didn’t turn out as nice as I had hoped but there simply wasn’t time to change more and I think it will be fine.

We are rigging with a combination of The Setup Machine 2 and custom rigs. I would have liked to build it all from the bottom up to get more experience with that, but given that our character is so “simple” and TSM has so many nice features it makes it hard to justify using a sub standard rig just to satisfy my own desires. When all is said and done we have to actually animate it also.
I did add a heel roll feature and changed the pivot of the foot to the ankle, because I hate it when rotating the foot in IK moves the entire leg. I just hope the rig doesn’t blow up halfway through the production.

During the holidays I hope to get around to adding texture coordinates (*shudder*) and finish skinning the model. Maybe I will get to look at some texture work as well, but I think not. Zelda is calling to me!

And The Award Goes To….!

Spike TV held their award show the other day. Or something. I don’t really care since it’s one of those shows where popularity seems to dictate who wins or it might just be that I have never seen it.

Anyway, they have a category called “BEST PERFORMANCE BY A HUMAN”…
which begs the question “wtf?” but unfortunately it is never answered since there is no “BEST PERFORMANCE BY A ???” category anywhere.