On Linux

So I installed Linux (OpenSUSE 10.2 to be exact) on my laptop and have now spend the most part of the evening trying to get it to do the things that my windows machine can do out of the box; like displaying text without mutilating it.
To be fair though I have found some things that Linux does as just as well as windows and I quite like the global spelling check.

But I don’t know how to make a shortcut to display the desktop.

A funny thing is that somehow my files don’t really feel real. I mean, in windows I open explorer and browse to where I want to go and there it is, with the little icon and the little text that tells me what the file is called and the little numbers that computers are so fond of and I think to myself: that’s my file right there alright. Good old file. Linux does all the same things, mind, I just miss the same feeling of actually having the file there.
It’s a bit like the difference between having someone tell you that the really hot chick in the bar has got the hots for you and having her actually come up to you and start kissing you.

But I might grow to like it. Who knows.

(Message from the future me: “I do. You won’t.”)