The Battlestar That Burned

Or something melodramatic like that. If you watch BSG but isn’t up to date, stop reading!

Point in fact is that I really think Battlestar has lost it completely. I just watched the latest three episodes and for the first time I just didn’t care.

Balthar, who once was someone I hated for his infuriating way of never thinking about anything but his own survival, now feels like he is doing it just because that’s what he does. There is no purpose.

The Cylons seem to have lost their purpose as well. They used to be this mysterious and scary enemy that just kept coming and coming and coming. The very first real episode where they showed up every 33 minutes to the second for days and days, I thought was such a cool concept. Now we haven’t actually seen the shadow of a cylon for 6 episodes. And no, Sharon doesn’t count.
And “They Have A Plan” the intro says. That used to be a very interesting thing, but having spend alot of time with the cylons in the beginning of the season, I just don’t see it. I don’t actually believe anymore that they have a plan. But then again, I’m not sure I care either. The cylons have lost their edge. They lack purpose. They are becoming boring.

Even the apparent death of Starbuck didn’t really make me feel like the series is going anywhere.

Which was one of things I enjoyed the most in the beginning. The way things kept moving forward all the time. The feel of an epic tale of survival against an enemy that just keep coming.
Now everything is becoming bogged down in spirituality and destiny and poeple having all sorts of new personal problems that they solve or die from or primarily just get over so they are left with only the problems they had before they got the new problems…

They need to do something drastic soon, if they want to avoid going to filler hell.