Production Diary – Things To Remember

No chronological logic here. Just stuff.

Fusion seems like a nice program so far. The depth blur still leaves something to be desired though. It makes weird ghosting around hard edges. It seems like we will be able to get a better plugin for it however, so it will probably be fine.

We began animation a couple of weeks ago. It was a bit hard to get back into it and it took a while to get control over my curves again. Or at least, as much control back as I used to have. Also I tend to forget the entire workflow of blocking, posing, breakdowns, refinement and overlap.
I was never to fond of having poses on stepped keys and then going to smooth/flat tangents so I am trying to work with having them on flat from the beginning. I see the problems inherent in having the computer giving you an estimate movement, because it is so easy to just use that and call it a day, when your animation could have been so much better if you used more time on making a real break down. But on the other hand, I always felt that going from stepped to spline was to timeconsuming and to much curve manipulation was needed. I am willing to admit that this is probably due to my keys not being good enough to begin with and that I just need to think more about the final animation while working, but this new way seems to be working for me so I’ll stick with it for the time being.