The Girl, The Robot and The Screenshots

So with the movie finally finished, I thought it would be about time to post some screenshots from it.
They are a bit darker that they are supposed to be, because I don’t have the source with me and I had to use VLC to do the screengrabs. Maybe I will correct that some day.





I did the modeling of the girl and the environment; the lighting and rendering; and the character-animation on the second and third screenshot.

The End

Production is finally coming to a close. We had the first fully rendered and composited movie finished this morning and now Fusion is just rendering out the last corrections we need before we call it done.

The final result isn’t all that I had hoped, but it never is so that is ok. If everything in the story had made sense would have been good, for instance.
On the other hand there are some scenes in there that I am genuinely pleased with and given the rarity of that occurrence, I have to say that it could have been a lot worse.


So, I have searched around a bit ever since I heard something about the possibility of getting the original broadcast order-dvd’s in the US and lo and behold I have found them!
Well, actually, it looks like they will be on a bundled bonus-dvd shipped with the limited edition releases of volume 2 to 4 and since I was planning on getting thosa anyway, I am happy.

What I don’t like is that axelmusic, my supplier, has added ~$15 to the price of the LE’s. But, since they are still the cheapest place I can get them, I guess there is nothing much I can do about that.

Converting Instances…

…to “real” copies in maya 7 can be done with a script that comes with the bonus tools.

It is really bugging me that so many simple things are so difficult to figure out how to do!

The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

I was originally going to call this post “The Joy Of Haruhi Suzumiya” or something like that, because I just got the Limited Edition of Volume 1 and boy is it nice.
The box itself is sturdy without being bulky and covered with nice colorful artwork. There is a small hidden magnet that keeps the front closed is a work of genius and the way the inside is designed logical and yet gives subtle hints of all the niceness that it will eventually contain.
The DVD and mini-soundtrack also comes in nicely designed packaging.

The DVD itself is also filled with extra material. 3 pages of it, in fact. I haven’t watched it yet but so far the amount alone outstrips most other TV shows I have seen (granted, that isn’t that many)

My problem is that Bandai decided to release the episodes chronologically as opposed to the seemingly random way the episodes were originally aired.
To someone who hasn’t seen the show yet this may seem like a perfectly fine way to do things, but it’s not really. I tell you why twomorrow.