Going Over The Seas

If you want to find someplace to live for 3 months in San Francisco, the best way is not to go to the first hotel finder site you stumble upon, type in your dates and hit search. Especially not if you find sentences like “Prices from: 38.700,00 USD” somewhat disconcerting.

The Red Ring Of Death!

I have long wanted to buy a next generation console. Not because there are any games that I must play but simply because I want one. And the next generation console that I wanted to buy was a X360. Why? Well, because my brother has one but also because the PS3 is just too shiny and I absolutely hate the Sixaxis-controller. And the Wii doesn’t look next-gen enough.

One of the reasons that I haven’t bought one yet, apart from the fact that I have already completed the only good game on the console, is the general and persistent stories I hear about boxes that fail, die, jam or simply just explode.
Interviews like this one doesn’t help credibility either.

Well, now Microsoft finally did something to easy the problem. Namely a three year warrenty on all machines.
This makes me happy, that they are at last doin something. Also Peter Moore send out an open letter that never really says that they are sorry, but it is probably the closest we will get.

Now I just need that HD-TV, a more permanent place to live, a job and that some interesting games released, and I am all set to go next gen.


I don’t browse around my own site a lot. It is not something I get any particular joy out of doing and even if I did, I somehow feel that it would be wrong. So I don’t.

Which is why it took me two months to figure out that this post was floating around as my latest comic:

Originally posted 3. may 2007:

So I decided to finally jump into the homebrew scene for the nintendo DS for real. I originally played around a bit with the GBA and a emulator (and made a working clone of pong), but never got one of the flash cards needed to really use it on a gba.
Now I bought the M3 DS Simply from Kick Gaming and I am impressed with both how fast the adapter arrived and also how easy it is to set up and use.

Now I only have to start making some software I can play on it…

Also, I might give a more in depth review sometime later.

As you can see the more in-depth review never came. So I figured I would write it here:

the DS Simply rocks. Or Pops. Or whatever you prefer it to do, really.

Ok, not in-depth, but at least it is based on a lot more testing.