I don’t browse around my own site a lot. It is not something I get any particular joy out of doing and even if I did, I somehow feel that it would be wrong. So I don’t.

Which is why it took me two months to figure out that this post was floating around as my latest comic:

Originally posted 3. may 2007:

So I decided to finally jump into the homebrew scene for the nintendo DS for real. I originally played around a bit with the GBA and a emulator (and made a working clone of pong), but never got one of the flash cards needed to really use it on a gba.
Now I bought the M3 DS Simply from Kick Gaming and I am impressed with both how fast the adapter arrived and also how easy it is to set up and use.

Now I only have to start making some software I can play on it…

Also, I might give a more in depth review sometime later.

As you can see the more in-depth review never came. So I figured I would write it here:

the DS Simply rocks. Or Pops. Or whatever you prefer it to do, really.

Ok, not in-depth, but at least it is based on a lot more testing.