The movie, not the city.

A review:

The last 40 minutes of watching that film I spent waiting for it to end. And I stopped watching 30 minutes before the movie was actually over.

Just Imagine

Just imagine living somewhere in space that was interesting. Like NASA-nebula-images interesting. Imagine living on a planet orbiting that pink star in the middle of the Eagle Nebula.
Not the large one to the left, but the little small one right there in the middle. Imagine looking up in the light-sky and seeing these indescribably huge pillars of gas stretching into infinity.


I think that would be awesome.


I have recently given out this address to people, so they can find out more about who I am. This, I realize, was probably a bad idea. Therefore I have added this disclaimer:

The writings, opinions and views on this site does in no way represent the opinions and views of the author nor does the writing reflect the way the author normally writes. In fact, this isn’t event written by the author. It is written by a cleverly trained monkey.

This is just the preliminary disclaimer however and is in no way associated with the real disclaimer or its associates or you or me or any other person living or dead. There has, in fact, been no associating going on at all.

You even reading this is actually a fictional event and any similarity to anything that happened in reality is merely coincidental.

A Little Bit Of Moon.

NASA is scanning all the old pictures they took when they were on the moon and releasing them to the public. This I think is a good thing, mainly because I just think it is a thing that needs to be done.

What has me impressed is the size of those images. I mean, I work with many layered photoshop files regularly and those buggers tend to get big.
These are single layer greyscale (extended, but still) images. Want to take a guess at the size of the raw? 1.3GB. Yep, that’s Giga, as in big. Here go have a look.

You will never have want for large resolution desktop images ever again, even if they are kind of boring. And I thought my image files were large…