Hi, I Am A Mac

This is actually the primary reason why I wanted my blog up and running right now. Two weeks ago I got homw from the US and waiting for me was my new 2.2GHz Macbook Pro. And I want to talk about it. So this is the first in a number of posts about my experiences.

I am a long time windows user. I don’t have a particular religious reationship to my operating system, but I am geek enough to actually use phrases like “my operating system”. I was also getting a little fed up with it and wanted to try something else. I installes Linux a while back but as you can read, it wasn’t a great success.
The it happened that my dad was getting another chance to get a employee-pc from his work and I got offered if I wanted it.

I did.

Long story short: I could only select between 8 preconfigured systems and since I wanted a laptop there were only really 2 choices; the Macbook and a Dell “mobile gaming” machine. I don’t like the screens I have seen on Dell’s recently and in adition that package also came bundled with so much fluf that in the end the Macbook was almost as powerfull as the Dell. So I thought ‘what the hell, I can install XP on it if all else fails’ and I went for it.

First impresions when I got the box were very good. The machine looks good in brushed aluminum and the design is very classy. It also has a lot of slick features to impress a new user, like the automatic dimming of the screen to fit the lighting conditions in your room, the softly lit keys and the remote control.
Of course, It turns out that the light sensor is right where I like to rest my hand when not using the keyboard, rendering the auto dimmer virtually useess. But hey, It was fun when it lasted.

There are also some things that I am less impresed with: There are only 2 USB ports (my old machine had 3 and between a wacom board, 2 external harddrives and various other paraphenelia it wasn’t uncommon for me to use them all). Also, all the connections are at the side of the machine because of the way the screen folds back. I feel it would have been better to put some of it at the back. I like to have my mouse next to my machine. Not a bunch of cables.
There is no flashcard-reader (again, my old machine had one. When I got that I never thought that I would actually use it, but it turned out to be really convenient when emptieng digital cameras.)
The keyboard seems a bit small. I am missing my page up, down, home and end keys and the enter key is also a bit small. Why, for instance, is the Caps Lock key larger than my enter?

The I booted the machine up, and that is when I realized that I had a lot of learning to do.

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