There And Back Again

So I got back to Denmark again a couple of weeks ago and I feel like I should write something about my trip. I am not really going to though, because there is so many other things to do and write about. What I am going to do instead is to take everything that I have written already, elsewhere, and jumble it together into a mash.

I went to California for 3 months. More specifically I went to San Rafael near San Francisco to do my internship at Telltale Games.

San doesn’t mean city by the way. It means Saint. I just learned that.

Preparations to go there were quite annoying, so I will not go in much detail. This is in direct contradiction to the rules of narration where adversity is always most interesting. Well, direct might be saying to much. Anyway.

I got there on a Sunday ready to work, but as it turned out Monday was a holiday so I got an extra day off right there. Good start.

When I did gt to work and had been settled in and all that, I began by animating a walkcycle because there wasn’t anything much else to do. At the time, they were wrapping up episode 1 beta (out now by the way. Get it before that thing at the place with the thing happens. You will like it. It’s Christmassy) and starting the animation list for episode 3, so there wasn’t that much ready to do, animation wise. I also played Sam and Max season 2 which wasn’t out at the time. That was fun. I like being in on the secret :)

After that things got started more regularly. I got started out by doing some various gestures and some object animations and from there on it was steady work on gestures for the characters on Sam and Max. Both old and new ones. I also got to do some preliminary work on a new top secret project that they might do, but I am, of course, not allowed to tale about it. Hell, even saying that might be to much.

Lastly I got to do a cutscene for Episode 4. Well, I am doing it right now, as a matter of fact. Also, not allowed to talk. Mums the word and all that.

Say, this is a bloody good excuse for a lazy guy like myself.

I didn’t experience that much of Halloween. I went by the mall on my way home from work and it was packed with kids in costumes all running around. The stores had apparently been giving out candy just before I got there, and since there are so many in such close proximity to each other, and all indoors in the warm, it is no great surprise. This might also be part of the reason why there weren’t many knocks on the door for the rest of the evening.

Then there were Thanksgiving, where Mai and Diane* had invited me along to one of their friends house. It was not as impressive as I had been led to believe, but then again, with the some of stories of excessive eating that I have heard it would be almost impossible to live up to. There was a lot of food and there was a lot of eating of the said food going on, but I still needed to eat the day after which I was a little disappointed about.
That being said, there was good food and it was a good evening all together.

Then I went shopping. Everything is just so effing cheap over here, that I had a very hard time not buying stuff. Last Saturday I went to San Francisco and bought $150 worth of comic books and artbooks.
Add to that the Nintendo Wii that Telltale gave me as a farewell present, Super Mario Galaxy, an extra Wii controller, The Orange box, half a dozen movies and I had to buy another suitcase. The good news however was that I got through customs and all that without a hitch.
Lucky for me I anticipated my buying frenzy by not actually bringing very much with me to the US to begin with, so even with the additional suitcase I was still under my max. Luckii!

And that is what I had to say about that.

*Mai being the wonderful woman who gave me a ride to work every morning and Diane is her girlfriend.

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