Breaking News!

What does that even mean? News is by something you want to tell about something that has happened recently and breaking is making somthing into something it is not, usually by smashing it to bits. But since “news” is something that can not in any physical sense be smashed into bits, I get a little bit confused.

[Note from yourself a couple years in the future: I get a little confused by your writing. Maybe you should do something about that]

Does breaking news mean that you unmake the new thing into something that hasn’t happened yet, which is impossible? Or just that you tell the story and thus making into something that is not new anymore ant thus no longer news?

Actually, that does make a sort of sense. In fact, I think that I approve. It is violence hidden away in such an obscure form that noone will ever know for sure.

I wonder if it is a joke on the part of the journalists who originally invented the term…

Well, heads up writer people. I am on to you!

Bourne Again

I went through the Ultimate Bourne Collection on DVD during the holidays and I for got to post this little bit that I wrote about it: I like it. Good spy action thriller movies, if you are into that kind of thing. If you are not, this is still a very good collection of movies. The Ultimatum was the new movie in the collection for me, since I hadn’t seen it before and i am happy to report that it is almost as good as the second one. The bad thing is that there seems to be less focus on characters and story and more on all out action. There are some very good action sequences but sometimes they just seem too long.

Final Verdict: Get it before it gets you!

On a related note, the soundtracks to these movies are also very cool. Get them also.

Silly Rabbit: Part 2

I just send an application to Deadline Games which I suspect I didn’t do to well, but I needed to get it away while there was still an opening so it will just have to do. It would be awesome to work there, I think (to the people at deadline, if you are reading: wink, wink, nudge, nudge). I am getting tired of using “Not enough time” excuses but by golly that really is the reason 9 times out of some random nuber close to 9.

Anyway, I had written it on my mac and I couldnt find the ½ key so I had just written it as 31/2 temporarily and after having looked at it for 5 seconds I so wanted to keep it that way just so I could make some sarcastic “yes, really almost 16 years. I liked it there” footnote joke. Why am I so good at bad jokes?