Consistently Inconsistent

This whole tagging-and-putting-into-categories-business… I am not good at it. Sorry for the Inconvenience.

On the other hand I am slightly proud that I spelled Inconvenience correct in the first go. It was the only word in that sentence that I was that lucky with.

Blogspot Blacks

No, this design is not like the one I originally planned. It isn’t even a design I borrowed on my own. I got it from a pre-made design. I tweaked it to my liking, but that is about it. I don’t like doing it like this, but I also don’t have the energy to start hacking the K2 theme (which is what I would be doing) so this is how my site is going to look for a while.

I will probably continue to tweak for a while yet so if anything looks broken it is probably because I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet.

Happy reading.

Back On The Aether-Net

Finally got my new site up and running. I need to make some changes before I feel at home but that will come. I do wonder if I will ever get used to not being anymore. I am now. It still means black but this time in japanese and I am not entirely sure that I like it as a name. It also doesn’t look as good as… Oh well. No point worrying about it.

I also added my exiled posts. There aren’t that many of them because I didn’t like writing in that strange foreign place. Probably I will write a bit more now.