Spam Me!

Go on, you know you want to.

I haven’t installed that funky having-to-type-a-funny-word spam filter thingy on my site (yet) and as a result I have now gotten 3 spam comments! Yay! My first spam. I am finally a part of the real Internet.

Macross Frontier

I considered saying something like “It’s good to see Macross back to form” or “After a somewhat dissapointing Macross Zero, I am happy to see…” but that all implies somehow that I am an avid follower of the series. I am not. I grew up on Robotech, loved Macross Plus and found Macross Zero ok but I haven’t seen anything else.

Now I am watching Macross Frontier and so far (6 episodes in) I am enjoying it. The first episodes felt a lot like a general rehash of the opening episodes of SDF Macross, story wise, which was a bit jarring but apart from that my recommendation would be that you watch it. It doesn’t hurt watching it in HD on a 40″ HDTV either.


So, I am reading the Boot Camp documentation from apple and it says that to choose which OS to load I have to press the “Option” key. The I look at my keyboard and lo and behold there is no “Option” Key. There is a Ctrl. There is an Alt. There is even the Apple/Sightseeing key that, silly me, I thought was the Option Key (It’s not. It’s the “Command” key). Why not just write Alt when you mean Alt. Why must you use an obscure icon that no-one understands?

Oh, yeah, the method I used to get 3 partitions didn’t work so now I am installing OS X again.


When my computer starts misbehaving I get this terrible urge to reformat and reinstall. Terrible I tell you! So terrible that it would melt the very minds of mere mortals!!! Ah, but I digress. Some of this is because of a long relationship with Windows, I am sure, but I also think that in some way I am trying to punish it for playing silly buggers. And oh what a punishment it must be.

I got my Mac up and running yesterday, no problem. I took forever but apart from that it worked like a charm. I just had to install rEFIt again and I could boot Mac and Windows just like I used to. Only, I had to try and mess with my partitions in an attempt to get a little more space for Windows and then I fucked it up.

So, now I am writing again. Waiting for OS X to finish installing. Waiting for my old Lappy while it’s burning a copy of Windows. But most of all, I am waiting to see if my Windows will activate again. There is no reason for it not to, it is completely legit, but I am still worried though. I don’t really know what to do if it doesn’t.

Mommy, I Broke My Mac!

Which I don’t really understand because, supposedly, It Just Works, right?

One day, my Macbook Pro just wouldn’t start properly anymore. It would boot fine (but without triggering rEFIt) but when it got to OS X, it would just sit there doing nothing. At first I suspected rEFIt, but after a while I decided that it didn’t feel like a boot loader error. I could boot windows through my install disk. In the end I figured I could just as well just reinstall OS X and get it over with (possibly a gut reaction from my days in windows, but honestly, without any Terminal knowledge what am I supposed to do with a operating system that doesn’t load?)

Now I am looking forward to seeing if I can get my machine up and running by just installing the OSX partition and leaving the Windows one as is. If not, I might just use this as an excuse to shift my focus back towards windows again. There are just some thing in OSX that are annoying me to no end. One being the inconsistency in pop-up-dialog-window-keyboard navigation (say that 10 times fast). Sometimes you can do it, sometimes not and sometimes you need obscure key-combinations and there is no indications when you can do what.

Yes, a small thing like that can really drive me up a wall.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that I am installing OS X right now and I don’t remember if Apple ever bragged about install times on their operating system, but if they did: f**k them. Or at least give me good quality DVDs that doesn’t take half or whole hours to check for errors.

Guild Wars 2, You Tease has decided that they will not do a Guild Wars 2 Beta this year. That makes me a bit sad. Not so much because I will not get to play GW 2 untill next year. That I can live with. The reason I am sad is that I remember my time with the GW 1 beta as being a lot of fun. Because they let you play such an early version, you got to see the game grow and evolve into the game that it is today and maybe even shape that game a little. It was also at that time that our guild was first formed.

I also don’t like their reason of wanting to show a polished product because fan expectations are so high. It feels like they don’t trust us enough to realize that a beta is not a final product.

Actually, come to think of it, a lot of the current players would probably thinkt that a beta is a finished game and complain about it incessantly…

Ok, so maybe you have a point but I still refuse to like it.

Funny Garbage

It is a bit weird; I have been listening a lot to the new Garbage album (Bleed Like Me) lately but I don’t really like it. At least, I didn’t use to. Now, after listening enough, I kinda do.

I could probably find a good psychological reason for this but I am not going to try because I think I might not like what it says about me.