Guild Wars 2, You Tease has decided that they will not do a Guild Wars 2 Beta this year. That makes me a bit sad. Not so much because I will not get to play GW 2 untill next year. That I can live with. The reason I am sad is that I remember my time with the GW 1 beta as being a lot of fun. Because they let you play such an early version, you got to see the game grow and evolve into the game that it is today and maybe even shape that game a little. It was also at that time that our guild was first formed.

I also don’t like their reason of wanting to show a polished product because fan expectations are so high. It feels like they don’t trust us enough to realize that a beta is not a final product.

Actually, come to think of it, a lot of the current players would probably thinkt that a beta is a finished game and complain about it incessantly…

Ok, so maybe you have a point but I still refuse to like it.

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