Mommy, I Broke My Mac!

Which I don’t really understand because, supposedly, It Just Works, right?

One day, my Macbook Pro just wouldn’t start properly anymore. It would boot fine (but without triggering rEFIt) but when it got to OS X, it would just sit there doing nothing. At first I suspected rEFIt, but after a while I decided that it didn’t feel like a boot loader error. I could boot windows through my install disk. In the end I figured I could just as well just reinstall OS X and get it over with (possibly a gut reaction from my days in windows, but honestly, without any Terminal knowledge what am I supposed to do with a operating system that doesn’t load?)

Now I am looking forward to seeing if I can get my machine up and running by just installing the OSX partition and leaving the Windows one as is. If not, I might just use this as an excuse to shift my focus back towards windows again. There are just some thing in OSX that are annoying me to no end. One being the inconsistency in pop-up-dialog-window-keyboard navigation (say that 10 times fast). Sometimes you can do it, sometimes not and sometimes you need obscure key-combinations and there is no indications when you can do what.

Yes, a small thing like that can really drive me up a wall.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that I am installing OS X right now and I don’t remember if Apple ever bragged about install times on their operating system, but if they did: f**k them. Or at least give me good quality DVDs that doesn’t take half or whole hours to check for errors.

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