Home, Sweet Bastardized Home

PlayStation Home launched today (yes, i know. Officially it was yesterday but I logged on at 23.00 and it still wasn’t there which means that in reality, it launched today) and I had a little look around. I have to say, there were times when I sat with my jaw on the floor. Mostly, those times were when looking through the shops. 8$ for a brand new virtual not-actually-real-at-all-house? 1$ for an ditto origami dog!? That’s just crazy.

It makes me a little sad, actually. Home seemed so promising. Another place where I could satisfy my need to customize stuff and make female avatars! But, as it is, Home just feels to much like an elaborate 3d attempt at making you spend money on nothing.

Speaking of female avatars, I also got hit on two times in the 10 minutes that I was idleing in Town Square. I mean, all right, my avatar is hot, but seriously people! Are you really that desperate?

Later Addition: Penny Arcade has a good summary of how I feel about Home, only better written and with pictures.

So, Maya

So, I try to import at sound into Maya and I get the error “cannot find file” and I think, “that’s weird. I can and I just told you where it is…”

So I look around a bit on the Internets and find nothing that solves my immediate problem. The closest is someone who solved his problem by changing the format of the file. Possibly because I have used computers for so long my first reaction to this seemingly useless piece of information was “hey, maybe that’s why Maya is telling my that it cannot find the file”.

So I poked around a bit and just look and lo and behold and see what we have here, the file suddenly works.

So therefore: thank you Maya. Thank you for that very helpful error message you gave me. I don’t know what I would have done without it.