Maya and the Wireframe – A Fairytale

I don’t know if my 3ds Max upbringing has spoiled me but I have always harboured the belief that making a wireframe render should be as simple as ticking a box marked “Wireframe” and then pressing render.

Maya, however, disagrees with me. She believes that that would be to easy. “If you could just click a button, you wouldn’t really think about what kind of wireframe you really wanted,” she seems to say to me. “I mean,” she continues, “maybe you just wanted a simple wireframe render, but what if you wanted a wireframe with a thickness? Or one that was a bit wiggly? Or one that turns slightly red based on the distance to the nearest torus-shaped object?”

When I tell her “but honestly, I just wanted a simple wireframe render,” she pauses for a bit before turning away from me, quietly sobbing.

I then boot up Firefox.

3 thoughts on “Maya and the Wireframe – A Fairytale

  1. Puzzling isn’t it?
    One of my first ‘animations’ was a rotating ‘hologram’ of planet rendered using wireframe in 3dsmax. in the 90′s!
    It scares me that after all these years, I can’t reproduce that same effect using tools I’ve learned in the years that have past.
    I’m… unevolving!?

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