And Other Things That Will Earn Me Eternal Damnation.

Not that I actually have any of that this time. I had just forgotten about my latest post and was actually kind of surprised, because, really, it’s not that good.

No, what I wanted to say was that I had been super swamped with work and that is why I haven’t written anything in waaay to long. Unfortunately, I can’t even say that because that would be a lie, and lying is wrong. Especially on the internet, where everything is right and proper.

As is customary in these cases, I give you some old drawings. These are a couple of character design tests that I did for a Nintendo DS game that I wanted to make. It was supposed to be an old school adventure-game not entirely unlike The Fate of Atlantis, except with a young female archeology student and also possibly the fountain of youth. Or something.

Game Girl

Game Girl

It also bears mentioning that I have now unlocked, from the deepest recesses of racial memory, the secret knowledge of baking carrot-cake (my mom gave me the recipe) which means that I am now doomed to become brown, oblong and delicious, if the saying is to be believed.

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