Sex in sci-fi

In my quest to find an author whose books I can devour in the same way that I do Terry Pratchetts (his books are quite good, especially with ketchup), I have started Peter F. Hamiltons Reality Disfunction. His other two books that I have read, Pandoras Star and Judas Unchained, were fairly good and pulled off a few really cool sequences, so I was hoping for something similar.
I am a little over halfway through now and it is finally starting to get interesting. 600 pages in. It needs to pull of a seriously spectacular ending if I am to be convinced to buy the sequel.

Another thing: one of the main characters in the book is having sex with, and I am almost not kidding here, every single hot woman he comes into contact with. And the ones he doesn’t have sex with (so far as I have read) either wants to have sex with him or at least finds him really attractive. Now, this could possibly work, but usually it is just too easy. I will now paraphrase his latest encounter to demonstrate:

He was laying on his bed in the guest-room watching boring TV. Suddenly the door unlocks and the landlords hot young wife that, by the way, he met earlier, enters his room entirely uninvited.

Hot young wife: “I want to have sex with you”

Him: “why?”

Hot young wife: “Because I am hot and you are hot and I want to prevent you from having sex with my hot daughter”

Him: “OK”

Fade suggestively to black.

Usually I don’t mind sex in books but in this is getting a little ridiculous.

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