Maya plane with image

This is a small PyMEL script sript that I wrote for maya 2011 to create a polyplane and add an image texture to it. Just select an image and there you go.

filename = fileDialog2(caption = "Select a file", okCaption = "Use this please", cancelCaption = "No, don't do it!", ds = 2, fm = 1 )
if filename != None:
    file = createNode('file', name = "imageplanetexturefile")
    shdr, sg = createSurfaceShader( 'lambert', name = "imageplaneshader" )
    file.outColor >> shdr.color
    filesize = file.outSize.get()
    imgplane = polyPlane(name = "imageplane", width = filesize[0], height = filesize[1])
    sets(sg, forceElement = imgplane[0])

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