The Bible

The Tactical squad shall be your objective holder of righteous fury, your opportunistic transport snipers of furious righteousness. Thou shall take two squads of ten Tactical marines and embark them into metal boxes in every battle. Thou shall not take only one Tactical squad, or three Tactical squads, and certainly not four, but rather two Tactical squads. Two being the number of Tactical squads thou shall take. Thus by paying the appropriate amount (not an inadequate or excessive amount) of Tactical Tax in every game for all eternity does thoust pay thou dues to the Emporium of Man. So says Rowboat Girlyman, spiritual leige of all spess mehrines who don’t pretend they’re Blood Angels.

They are my Tactical marines and they shall know no disembarkation.

Dragon day two

So, day 2 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5: still nice speech recognition when dictating, still bad command recognition when using other software. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that my microphone is of poor quality and my audio interface is even worse. I might go out and invest in some form of USB microphone but I am reluctant to invest in something with only potential benefits.

I am back baby!

In my increasingly desperate attempts at finding a way to use my computer, I decided to give Dragon NaturallySpeaking a chance. So far that has not been a mistake. I’m actually very impressed with how well it understands what I’m saying. I started my little project with the expectation that I was in for a lot of tedious work training the program to understand what I was saying, and a lot of frustration when it would ultimately fail miserably. But, lo and behold, it works! Mostly. Having dictated everything you have read so far, Dragon has made few errors and none that I wasn’t able to correct by using only my voice. The biggest frustration yet has actually been installing Windows 7 on my aging MacBook Pro. According to the Internet I have Apple to blame for this, which has been duly noted in my big book of grudges.

I will probably continue to keep you updated with my experiences as I use the program more.