800 Phones

I have a confession to make: I recently bought a Nokia Lumia 800. If you are a bit tech savvy you are now giving me, what is affectionately known as, “The Look”. I can live with that. I gave myself the same look in the mirror the other day. What can I say? It was just so nice and I felt like trying something new.

So far, I’m not hating it.

Migrating from iTunes to Zune is a pain because you lose all your ratings, play counts and playlists. Also, the software kind of sucks. Not balls, mind you, but maybe some tiny peas or something similar.

Migrating from an iPod Touch to a Windows Phone also feels like taking a step down. This is mostly a question of the amount of apps available. Some people would have you believe that this is not so important, since the most popular apps also available on the Windows marketplace, but they are lying. It is important. Because, while there might be an app that does what you need, it might not do it in the way that you wanted and if so, tough luck, because it is the only app on the marketplace that does it.

Also, Angry Birds costs 3 times as much as on the Apple App Store.

But it’s not all bad. The Windows Phone Tiles are quite fun and looks quite cool. And the hardware itself feels really good to hold. Like, reeeally good. Like, “I just want to touch it”-good.

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