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This is my face.This was my face 3 years ago, when I was young and beautiful.

Since you are here I am going to assume that you are at least a little interested in who I am. Please note that this text is 3 years old because I have never gotten around to updating it. Except right now, obviously.

My name is Kennet Haunstrup and I have just finished my education as a Character Animator at The Animation Workshop in Denmark, which means that now the hard part begins. Before that I spend a couple of years running around and drawing. Well, not so much running around as sitting still on my butt but if I had been the running type I am sure that is what I would have done. Before that I took a technical college education and before that I played a lot of some things and a little of everything. Before that I was born. This was back in the beginning of 1982.

I have played and worked with computers and graphics for as long as it matters, meaning that I can remember a time when I didn’t, but I can’t exactly remember what I did instead. I have done some commercial work for a couple of companies, but mainly I concentrate on school and all the things I also want to do. Animation is my primary area at the moment, but I have also done a lot of modeling and lately I have found a worrying interest in rigging as well.

I started this site a while back because I had gotten the belief that having a website was somehow “Cool” and then I would also have a place to show my work online. Nobody ever came to look, but that’s of secondary concern. Later when blogging was beginning to gain in popularity I figured that I wanted one of those as well. I don’t really feel like I have anything to justify any of it yet, other that to say that I can, therefore I do. This seems to be a common mentality on the internet, which has made me consider stopping.

You can reach me by e-mail at kennethaunstrup at gmail dot com

Curriculum Vitae:

Work Experience:

Currently: 3D guy at Mark Film.

Fall 2008: Science Animation at CTK Studio. A movie about SEROA.

January-March 2008: Catharsis (Animation, Camera Mapping, Effects) A 2d animated movie at the National Film School of Denmark.

Fall 2007: Animation Intern at Telltale Games in California

Spring 2007: Girl and Robot (Animation, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting, Rendering) Bachelor Project about a girl who is building her own robot.

Winter 2006: Freelance illustrator for LEGO (Thumbnails, Illustration, Clean-up)

Fall 2006: Memoria (Animator and communication lead for the animation group) A 2d animated psychological horror movie at the National Film School of Denmark.

August 2006: Diabetes 2 Infomercial (Animator, Modeling, Rigging in 3ds max) Animation for the Danish Health Department

Summer 2006: Freelance illustrator for LEGO Educational (Storyboard, Illustration, Clean-up)

March 2006: Presence (Lead Animator) A game production under The Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment (DADIU).


2004-2007: Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation at The Animation Workshop, The University College of Western Denmark

Spring 2004: 3d animation course at the media school in Viborg using 3ds MAX and Character Studio

2002-2003: Attending the Drawing Academy at The Animation Workshop

2001: Finished High-School with a specialty in visual communication

Software Proficiency:

Maya (animation, modeling, rigging)
Adobe Photoshop

3ds MAX (modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, rendering)
Maya (Lighting, Rendering)
Digital Fusion
Adobe Premier
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Encore
Plastic Animation Paper

Adobe Illustrator
Macromedia Flash
Discreet Combustion

And knowledge of numerous other small useful programs. I am also quick at picking up new software if needed.

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