Pictures That Move

Well, it’s been about two months since my last confession, so I thought it was about time that I did another one of these here bloggy thingies, and what I thought I would do, was write a few words about some of the things that I have done and the movies that I’ve seen.

Well, mostly about the movies that I’ve seen.

Okay, only about the movies that I’ve seen.

The Avengers:
This movie is crazy good entertainment. It has everything that you want from a summer blockbuster superhero movie. Interesting, compelling, sympathetic, funny characters, arrogant, evil, slightly tragic villains, over-the-top fighting, superb special-effects, gratuitous Hulk smashing (is a well-known fact that most summer blockbusters fail because they do not include enough Hulk), genuinely funny moments that lives in the story and are not just tacked on, and an invading alien army that just does not seem to have enough manpower to take over the entire world.
Okay, that last part might not be a good thing.
All in all, this movie works, and it works really well. Go watch it.

Cabin in the Woods:
I was given a piece of advice about this movie: “Don’t watch any trailers. Don’t read any reviews. In fact, just go watch it right now”. Well, I didn’t do that, because it wasn’t released to Danish cinema until about month later but when it came out, I went to see it and it was amazing. I will tell you something about this movie: it is a stereotypical teenage slasher/horror movie and then again, it is not. There is also a plot twist or two. Maybe three. Also: go watch it. Right now. Shoo, shoo, off you go. I promised the rest of this post will still be here when you get back.

Snow White and the Huntsman:
There should be more dwarfs in this movie.

Piranah 3DD:
I thought this movie was pretty funny. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a bad movie. Really, really, really bad. Also stupid, gross, incompetent and frankly awful. But I also found it entertaining. What can I say, I have bad taste in movies. I hope you took my advice to go and watch Cabin in the Woods when I told you to, now that I have just ruined all my credibility.

800 Phones

I have a confession to make: I recently bought a Nokia Lumia 800. If you are a bit tech savvy you are now giving me, what is affectionately known as, “The Look”. I can live with that. I gave myself the same look in the mirror the other day. What can I say? It was just so nice and I felt like trying something new.

So far, I’m not hating it.

Migrating from iTunes to Zune is a pain because you lose all your ratings, play counts and playlists. Also, the software kind of sucks. Not balls, mind you, but maybe some tiny peas or something similar.

Migrating from an iPod Touch to a Windows Phone also feels like taking a step down. This is mostly a question of the amount of apps available. Some people would have you believe that this is not so important, since the most popular apps also available on the Windows marketplace, but they are lying. It is important. Because, while there might be an app that does what you need, it might not do it in the way that you wanted and if so, tough luck, because it is the only app on the marketplace that does it.

Also, Angry Birds costs 3 times as much as on the Apple App Store.

But it’s not all bad. The Windows Phone Tiles are quite fun and looks quite cool. And the hardware itself feels really good to hold. Like, reeeally good. Like, “I just want to touch it”-good.

It’s all right

For reasons that should not be named, mostly because it sounds more sinister that way and I am in the mood for something sinister, I have been looking over some of my old posts and to my shock and horror (again with the sinister) I find that I actually like some of the things that I’ve written. I also like some of my drawings. I don’t really know how to deal with this revelation.

Maybe the world really is coming to an end (sinister!)

Another thing I noticed, and I like this one a lot less, is that I have a lot of posts with variations on the theme: “sorry for not posting”. Sorry about that!

A love letter to a Dragon

Hello again Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I never thought I should say this but, I’m actually really, really, really glad to be back. I’ve been trying for a while now to use the Danish speech recognition software called Dictus, and it’s just nowhere near as amazing as you are. I mean, I’m just talking to you and you are writing it down! it’s like you know what I’m saying! With Dictus I have to learn to use the software, teach it to understand me and then still speak in a funny way. With you, you’re just learning what I’m saying and I can speak almost exactly as I always do. In fact, right now, I have to fight a rising urge to just start laughing because I feel so free. Mwuahahahahaaaa!!!

Ahemn, sorry.

Okay, sure, you make a few mistakes here and there. It’s to be expected. But you have to tools to correct those mistakes too, usually in a quick and simple way. Dictus… doesn’t. Or, at least, none that I have found so far.

I really wanted to like Dictus.

I really, really, really wanted to like it.

I need to like it.

But I don’t. I hate it. Maybe I wouldn’t, if I hadn’t met you first Dragon. But I did meet you first and now? Now I am sad, sad panda.

Disclaimer: I am not actually a panda. That was what we in the wordsmithing business call a lie. And yes, Dragon recognized “wordsmithing business” first try.

This didn’t happen, really.

“So are you two still an item?’
‘I don’t know really. Last time we spoke it was kind of weird.’
‘Define weird.’
‘You know, just, weird.’
‘And how long ago was that?’
‘It’s… Been a while.’

‘Dude, her Facebook status says “in a relationship.”‘
‘Yeah? So I guess…’
‘With another guy.’
‘… Oh.’

Image Dump Post – Illustrations

I had actually planned on waiting a few days before posting the second part of my image dumps, but when it rains it pours, as they say, although I don’t really know why, because usually it just rains around here.

Image Dump Post – Sketches

I don’t know how long it has been there, but seems like WordPress has a new gallery feature which makes it easy peasy for me to upload all my old drawings again, after my little brush with Internet fame (read: I got hacked). I’m just not sure that I want to have a gallery anymore. That is not what I do anymore and it feels like clinging to the past, which is supposedly bad for you. So here it is, the first of my picture dump posts. I predict that there will be one more.


The Bible

The Tactical squad shall be your objective holder of righteous fury, your opportunistic transport snipers of furious righteousness. Thou shall take two squads of ten Tactical marines and embark them into metal boxes in every battle. Thou shall not take only one Tactical squad, or three Tactical squads, and certainly not four, but rather two Tactical squads. Two being the number of Tactical squads thou shall take. Thus by paying the appropriate amount (not an inadequate or excessive amount) of Tactical Tax in every game for all eternity does thoust pay thou dues to the Emporium of Man. So says Rowboat Girlyman, spiritual leige of all spess mehrines who don’t pretend they’re Blood Angels.

They are my Tactical marines and they shall know no disembarkation.

Dragon day two

So, day 2 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5: still nice speech recognition when dictating, still bad command recognition when using other software. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that my microphone is of poor quality and my audio interface is even worse. I might go out and invest in some form of USB microphone but I am reluctant to invest in something with only potential benefits.

I am back baby!

In my increasingly desperate attempts at finding a way to use my computer, I decided to give Dragon NaturallySpeaking a chance. So far that has not been a mistake. I’m actually very impressed with how well it understands what I’m saying. I started my little project with the expectation that I was in for a lot of tedious work training the program to understand what I was saying, and a lot of frustration when it would ultimately fail miserably. But, lo and behold, it works! Mostly. Having dictated everything you have read so far, Dragon has made few errors and none that I wasn’t able to correct by using only my voice. The biggest frustration yet has actually been installing Windows 7 on my aging MacBook Pro. According to the Internet I have Apple to blame for this, which has been duly noted in my big book of grudges.

I will probably continue to keep you updated with my experiences as I use the program more.