It’s all right

For reasons that should not be named, mostly because it sounds more sinister that way and I am in the mood for something sinister, I have been looking over some of my old posts and to my shock and horror (again with the sinister) I find that I actually like some of the things that I’ve written. I also like some of my drawings. I don’t really know how to deal with this revelation.

Maybe the world really is coming to an end (sinister!)

Another thing I noticed, and I like this one a lot less, is that I have a lot of posts with variations on the theme: “sorry for not posting”. Sorry about that!

The Bible

The Tactical squad shall be your objective holder of righteous fury, your opportunistic transport snipers of furious righteousness. Thou shall take two squads of ten Tactical marines and embark them into metal boxes in every battle. Thou shall not take only one Tactical squad, or three Tactical squads, and certainly not four, but rather two Tactical squads. Two being the number of Tactical squads thou shall take. Thus by paying the appropriate amount (not an inadequate or excessive amount) of Tactical Tax in every game for all eternity does thoust pay thou dues to the Emporium of Man. So says Rowboat Girlyman, spiritual leige of all spess mehrines who don’t pretend they’re Blood Angels.

They are my Tactical marines and they shall know no disembarkation.