Dragon day two

So, day 2 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5: still nice speech recognition when dictating, still bad command recognition when using other software. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that my microphone is of poor quality and my audio interface is even worse. I might go out and invest in some form of USB microphone but I am reluctant to invest in something with only potential benefits.

The Silence Of The Me

I don’t write much here any more which is a shame because I liked doing it. I broke my wrist in a metaphorical way, which is to say that no bones were harmed in the production of my injury but the effect is still that I am not allowed to use a computer anymore on pain of, well, pain. It is still a problem so, unfortunately, things will likely stay this way for the foreseeable future.

Even if you can see a long way into the future.

In the meantime I wanted to share this little video I made to try out camera tracking.

Sex in sci-fi

In my quest to find an author whose books I can devour in the same way that I do Terry Pratchetts (his books are quite good, especially with ketchup), I have started Peter F. Hamiltons Reality Disfunction. His other two books that I have read, Pandoras Star and Judas Unchained, were fairly good and pulled off a few really cool sequences, so I was hoping for something similar.
I am a little over halfway through now and it is finally starting to get interesting. 600 pages in. It needs to pull of a seriously spectacular ending if I am to be convinced to buy the sequel.

Another thing: one of the main characters in the book is having sex with, and I am almost not kidding here, every single hot woman he comes into contact with. And the ones he doesn’t have sex with (so far as I have read) either wants to have sex with him or at least finds him really attractive. Now, this could possibly work, but usually it is just too easy. I will now paraphrase his latest encounter to demonstrate:

He was laying on his bed in the guest-room watching boring TV. Suddenly the door unlocks and the landlords hot young wife that, by the way, he met earlier, enters his room entirely uninvited.

Hot young wife: “I want to have sex with you”

Him: “why?”

Hot young wife: “Because I am hot and you are hot and I want to prevent you from having sex with my hot daughter”

Him: “OK”

Fade suggestively to black.

Usually I don’t mind sex in books but in this is getting a little ridiculous.

My Blog WIll Never Die!

Not even when I die. It’s true. But it might need some CPR from time to time. CPR, by the way, is short for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation so don’t pretend I never tell you anything useful…

Today’s anecdote is about me. I recently found out that I am actually spending more money than I am making. Ignoring for at moment the fact that I am only procuring spending capital and not actually making money, this came as quite a disappointment to me.
The anecdotal part of this story and the part that is very telling to my way of dealing with money, is that my reaction to the said discovery was to immediately buy a butt-load of books on Bamazo, I mean Amazon…

I am so looking forward to getting them!

A Long Time Ago

Bless me Internet-Deity, for I have sinned: It has been 25 days since my last posting to my blog…  In the hopes of appeasing you I come bearing gifts in the form of a drawing of a goth girl.

Goth Girl

This is not a goth girl

Blogspot Blacks

No, this design is not like the one I originally planned. It isn’t even a design I borrowed on my own. I got it from a pre-made design. I tweaked it to my liking, but that is about it. I don’t like doing it like this, but I also don’t have the energy to start hacking the K2 theme (which is what I would be doing) so this is how my site is going to look for a while.

I will probably continue to tweak for a while yet so if anything looks broken it is probably because I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet.

Happy reading.

Back On The Aether-Net

Finally got my new site up and running. I need to make some changes before I feel at home but that will come. I do wonder if I will ever get used to not being noir.dk anymore. I am kuro.dk now. It still means black but this time in japanese and I am not entirely sure that I like it as a name. It also doesn’t look as good as noir.dk… Oh well. No point worrying about it.

I also added my exiled posts. There aren’t that many of them because I didn’t like writing in that strange foreign place. Probably I will write a bit more now.