Also Something Fishy

It would seem my blog went and broke itself in my absence. Or, possibly, there is no blog and it is only myself that is broken… In all cases the layout isn’t centered as it ought to be anymore. Please bear with it until I get around to fixing it sometime soon. Possibly.

SOON THEREAFTER: Well, that was surprisingly easy.

Maya Scripts?

Isn’t this the reason to have a blog? To post stuff that might help people? Yes Mom, I am going to give it a try! I am going to do my best!!!

Ok, my best wasn’t good enough. No code for you my friend. Blame WordPress’s insistence to removing spaces in text.

LATER: Hah, eat this, WordPress!

After the break, a small python script to quickly create a renderlayer with a name: Continue reading

The Worst Part

… of my recent server wipe is not actually the work I put into making it work again. It is that the theme I used, not my own but it had grown on me quite at bit, is gone. And I can’t find it again!

Ok, scratch that. I just found it.

Hello World!

Suddenly Gigahost fuxed up my webserver and then all my files were gone. Then I cried for a while, in my mind, and then I set to work restoring my site.

Luckily, my database was still intact so I could recover all my posts and comments but it did take a bit of fiddling. I couldn’t copy over my user info or my options because then WordPress broke, but that isn’t that big of a deal because I only have one user anyway.

This is what I did to use my old database in my new WordPress install and you could probably too if you use phpMyAdmin:

  1. Install a fresh wordpress to a new database, run the install script and log in to the new database
  2. I added myself as a new user and deleted the admin, but I don’t think this is necessary.
  3. Go to phpMyAdmin and select your old data base.

You need to copy the following tables: wp_comments, wp_links, wp_posts, wp_postmeta, wp_terms, wp_term_relationships and wp_term_taxonomy. That were the tables I bothered copying, at least. You do that by doing the following:

  1. Select one of the tables in the list to the left and then click the operations tap on the right of the list
  2. In the “Copy table to (database.table)” select your new database and type in the name of the table (or copy it from the “Move table to” field right above your current field.
  3. click the “add DROP TABLE” option.
  4. click “Go”
  5. Hopefully you didn’t get any errors or you are now, officially, in Trouble.

You should now have a working wordpress with all your old posts and none of your old design. Take it as an opportunity to spice up your website a bit. Also, take this opportunity to backup your website. I know I will.

Closing Time!

One more call for alcohol so finish your wiskey or beer…

Or in other words it looks like I managed to sell my domain name for a not entirely unsignificant amount of money. This means that I will have to move my entire online identity someplace else, except, of course, my myspace profile, my linkedIn profile, my flickr gallery and my new and specially-made-for-the-occation blogger-blogspot-blog. You can find me there, until I find a new place to infest.

This message will self-destruct in a couple of days, along with the rest of the website.

Have a nice end.

Movable Mess

That is, my site will be in a temporary state of moving mess. It might last as long as the rest of the year. I had originally planned to leave my old blog in place until I had this one ready to go, but I am reasonable sure that would only make the move take even longer and until I finished my main blog would be completely dead. Granted, that wouldn’t make it much different from what has been going on (or not, as it may be) for the last three months. And so, since my move to wordpress had been so easy so far, I decided to just go ahead and do it.

They should make that a catchphrase. Just do it!

The Girl, The Robot and The Screenshots

So with the movie finally finished, I thought it would be about time to post some screenshots from it.
They are a bit darker that they are supposed to be, because I don’t have the source with me and I had to use VLC to do the screengrabs. Maybe I will correct that some day.





I did the modeling of the girl and the environment; the lighting and rendering; and the character-animation on the second and third screenshot.