The Girl, The Robot and The Screenshots

So with the movie finally finished, I thought it would be about time to post some screenshots from it.
They are a bit darker that they are supposed to be, because I don’t have the source with me and I had to use VLC to do the screengrabs. Maybe I will correct that some day.





I did the modeling of the girl and the environment; the lighting and rendering; and the character-animation on the second and third screenshot.

The End

Production is finally coming to a close. We had the first fully rendered and composited movie finished this morning and now Fusion is just rendering out the last corrections we need before we call it done.

The final result isn’t all that I had hoped, but it never is so that is ok. If everything in the story had made sense would have been good, for instance.
On the other hand there are some scenes in there that I am genuinely pleased with and given the rarity of that occurrence, I have to say that it could have been a lot worse.

Going Mental

Hello. Long time no see and all that fluff.

I have been working on bachelor for a long time now, so time has not been in ample supply.
Apparently, to get the best result with your zdepth layer and depth of fielld, you need to render your images in double the final size and the zdepth layer must not be anti-aliased. I haven’t seen a convincing example of why not yet, but it makes sort of sense so I am willing to play along.
Problem is, we use a custom mentalray shader for DOF and mentalray has not been very happy to refrain from anti-aliasing the zdepth layer. Even setting min and max samples to 0 didn’t do the trick for us.

In the end we found that you also needed to set the filter type to traingle. A width and height of 2 is fine, but you need the triangle filter.

You hear that google? No anti-aliasing in mentalray by using triangle filter with 0/0 samples!

Now to solve that render layer crap.

Production Diary – Things To Remember

No chronological logic here. Just stuff.

Fusion seems like a nice program so far. The depth blur still leaves something to be desired though. It makes weird ghosting around hard edges. It seems like we will be able to get a better plugin for it however, so it will probably be fine.

We began animation a couple of weeks ago. It was a bit hard to get back into it and it took a while to get control over my curves again. Or at least, as much control back as I used to have. Also I tend to forget the entire workflow of blocking, posing, breakdowns, refinement and overlap.
I was never to fond of having poses on stepped keys and then going to smooth/flat tangents so I am trying to work with having them on flat from the beginning. I see the problems inherent in having the computer giving you an estimate movement, because it is so easy to just use that and call it a day, when your animation could have been so much better if you used more time on making a real break down. But on the other hand, I always felt that going from stepped to spline was to timeconsuming and to much curve manipulation was needed. I am willing to admit that this is probably due to my keys not being good enough to begin with and that I just need to think more about the final animation while working, but this new way seems to be working for me so I’ll stick with it for the time being.

Production Diary – The Dark Ages

As I predicted the servers were still down, but at least now there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it seems that we will get back all of our stuff. This is of course a good thing. We will, however, not have them until sometime next week. This is a not quite as good thing.

I spend all of last week modeling background props and structures and hae continued this into this week. Not having the control machines near the girls workspace have meant that I’ve had to focus on more pereferial things. Unfortunately we didn’t have any real designs on these thing so I had to just build whatever I could come up with. This in itself is not a bad thing as such, but when designs of the big steam machines were done, they didn’t exactely match. On the bright side it gives some nice contrast if we can pull it off. On the other side, if we can’t pull it off it’s just going to look pants.
I think we will be fine.

Production Diary – Entry 1

So because I have nothing better to psot here, I am going to put up a prodution diary for my bachelor project.

I did the model. No real issues there except the design got changed a bit while I was modeling it, which can get a bit annoying but no big problem. The mesh in the face didn’t turn out as nice as I had hoped but there simply wasn’t time to change more and I think it will be fine.

We are rigging with a combination of The Setup Machine 2 and custom rigs. I would have liked to build it all from the bottom up to get more experience with that, but given that our character is so “simple” and TSM has so many nice features it makes it hard to justify using a sub standard rig just to satisfy my own desires. When all is said and done we have to actually animate it also.
I did add a heel roll feature and changed the pivot of the foot to the ankle, because I hate it when rotating the foot in IK moves the entire leg. I just hope the rig doesn’t blow up halfway through the production.

During the holidays I hope to get around to adding texture coordinates (*shudder*) and finish skinning the model. Maybe I will get to look at some texture work as well, but I think not. Zelda is calling to me!