As always happens when parents get a break from work and go home to spend some quality time with their consoles or various other gaming machines of choice, it is inevitably the children that suffers.

Or to put it another way: Sorry for not posting. I was playing Valkyria Chronicles.

The Worst Part

… of my recent server wipe is not actually the work I put into making it work again. It is that the theme I used, not my own but it had grown on me quite at bit, is gone. And I can’t find it again!

Ok, scratch that. I just found it.

Consistently Inconsistent

This whole tagging-and-putting-into-categories-business… I am not good at it. Sorry for the Inconvenience.

On the other hand I am slightly proud that I spelled Inconvenience correct in the first go. It was the only word in that sentence that I was that lucky with.

Back On The Aether-Net

Finally got my new site up and running. I need to make some changes before I feel at home but that will come. I do wonder if I will ever get used to not being anymore. I am now. It still means black but this time in japanese and I am not entirely sure that I like it as a name. It also doesn’t look as good as… Oh well. No point worrying about it.

I also added my exiled posts. There aren’t that many of them because I didn’t like writing in that strange foreign place. Probably I will write a bit more now.