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Have you ever noticed those small black security strips that are usually tacked on to DVD covers when you buy DVDs?

I have and I usually try to remove them when I do. What I don’t understand is why must the glue they use to stick them on be so damned strong when you always place them inside the plastic-sealed DVD covers anyway? It’s not like you can actually get a go at trying to remove them while in the store, unless you try to unwrap the DVD, and if you start doing that in a store I am sure that is an almost foolproof way of bringing the attention of people who will prevent you from stealing it.

But that’s probably just me.

OMG! No Way!

Recently a popup with smilies have begun appearing on my machines when my popup blocker fails. What makes this one special it the insistence of one of the smilies to utter the above phrase when the window gains focus.

If that doesn’t bug the shit out of you, you are a much more tolerant person than me.