Movable Mess

That is, my site will be in a temporary state of moving mess. It might last as long as the rest of the year. I had originally planned to leave my old blog in place until I had this one ready to go, but I am reasonable sure that would only make the move take even longer and until I finished my main blog would be completely dead. Granted, that wouldn’t make it much different from what has been going on (or not, as it may be) for the last three months. And so, since my move to wordpress had been so easy so far, I decided to just go ahead and do it.

They should make that a catchphrase. Just do it!

The Sadness Expelled

An empty weblog, even one as new as mine, just seems wrong; I must write something.

After many hours of hard work I finally managed to tame this beast that is the Movable Type. The thing is that I enjoyed every hour of it (in average; I did not like every minute). Hard work that I enjoyed. The concepts does not seem to belong together, but none the less.

So, if you got here by some strange backroute of the Web that I am not aware: Welcome to my new weblog. At some point in the future when it is officially unveiled, I will start to write more here. Until then, it will be a bit sparse so why not use the time to check out my gallery, the link to which does not currently work and I don’t know why.

I hate it when that stuff happens.

Anyways, welcome, have fun and all that.

- Kennet