Funny Garbage

It is a bit weird; I have been listening a lot to the new Garbage album (Bleed Like Me) lately but I don’t really like it. At least, I didn’t use to. Now, after listening enough, I kinda do.

I could probably find a good psychological reason for this but I am not going to try because I think I might not like what it says about me.

Back. Just… Back

And loving it, in my own very subdued way. Played Guildwars for 4 hours and my first reaction is that it is a bit slow. I have no idea about any story yet, as an example.

Also I have missed pandora so much. I never realised how dependent I am on that website for my music needs while working. It stopped working for the last couple of days on the Memoria production and I had to use Radio Blog Club, but it just isn’t the same. It demands to much attention. And normal radio just won’t do anymore.

Radio Blog Club

Having talked about it, I thought I would give you a chance to hear it as well. This is the first public announcment of some music that I have actually listened to. I feel so naked.

Easy Breasy:
From Radio Blog Club. Quality sucks, but the selection is good. And you get to choose.Edit: wow. RBC uses some form of track crossfading so I have never actually heard the first 3 seconds of this song. Funny.

Silly Rabbit

While I like most of the stuff* I have heard from Utada Hikaru, the lyrics for Easy Breasy will have to be one of the silliest things I have heard in a song ever. It has grown on me a bit, but still.

Oh, in case you were wondering, it goes: “You’re Easy Breezy, and I’m Japanezy”