I don’t browse around my own site a lot. It is not something I get any particular joy out of doing and even if I did, I somehow feel that it would be wrong. So I don’t.

Which is why it took me two months to figure out that this post was floating around as my latest comic:

Originally posted 3. may 2007:

So I decided to finally jump into the homebrew scene for the nintendo DS for real. I originally played around a bit with the GBA and a emulator (and made a working clone of pong), but never got one of the flash cards needed to really use it on a gba.
Now I bought the M3 DS Simply from Kick Gaming and I am impressed with both how fast the adapter arrived and also how easy it is to set up and use.

Now I only have to start making some software I can play on it…

Also, I might give a more in depth review sometime later.

As you can see the more in-depth review never came. So I figured I would write it here:

the DS Simply rocks. Or Pops. Or whatever you prefer it to do, really.

Ok, not in-depth, but at least it is based on a lot more testing.

To Wii or Not To…

Ok, It’s probbly been done already, so sorry.

Quick summery of my thoughts on the Wii release: Price of conesole is to high. Not badly, but still. I think I would rather play Zelda on my GC anyway, so there isn’t really any must have launch titles. Download of SNES et. al. games is very interesting but also way to expensive. I had also forgotten the rumors of a region free Wii, but now that they are disproven I am even more dissapointed.
All in all, I don’t know if I’ll buy it. Then again, it’s nintendo and I still get a tingly feeling in my stomache when I pick up my DS, so maybe I will. Or maybe I’ll wait for the Wii Lite.

Kennet Haunstrup: Ace Attorney

In only a few day my willpower was slowly ground into small quivering pieces until I finally broke and bought myself a DS Lite and a couple of games.
Broke, in this case, can then also describe my financial situation.

Not to misunderstand though. It’s a very nice machine and I am glad I got one. The screens in particular are so nice and clear that they in them selves justify the new version. If, like me, all you had before is a standard GBA, the difference is close to divine.

My favourite of the two games I bought is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. A adventure-puzzle-courtroom drama game with an excellent cast of colourful* characters.
My only problem is probably brought about by watching to many Americans on TV go “innocent until proven guilty” and “beyond reasonable doubt”. In this game it seems that once you are on the stand it is “guilty until proven beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever to be innocent, honest” and that irks me a little bit.
But the feeling of slowly picking apart the real murderers statement is awesome. Highly recommended.

* Here in the metaphorical sence, but did I mention the screens?