Snakes on a Mac

I have been playing around a bit with Python these last couple of days (because of Maya) and it looks to be quite simple to get into. A problem I ran into though was a key missing. More specifically, the backslash. You know, this one: “”

As you can see, I found it.

But if you haven’t yet, and you, like me, have a danish macbook pro, you do like this:

backslash “” = alt + shift + 7

other useful combinations are:

brackets “[" and "]” = alt + 8 and 9

curly brackets “{” and “}” = alt + shift + 7 and 8

pipe “|” = alt + i

dollar sign “$” = alt + shift + 3

tilde “~” = alt + ¨ (the one right next to the enter key)

Of course, you could always just use the Keyboard viewer and start pressing buttons, but it could be annoying in the long run. All in all, I blame my danish keyboard. When I was in the states I couldn’t help noticing that their keyboards were so much better suited for coding. If I ever get into serious MEL / Python scripting I might even get me one.